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XXL Burgers

XXL Burgers: Those Wings Though

Imaad is back to his old ways of vlogging burger adventures across Lahore. I’ve spent a good part of the past three months hoping for him to extend an invite for me to join him for one of these videos, with no luck whatsoever. I came into the office this Saturday and Imaad was heading out to Burger Cart. When I asked him if I could tag along he turned me down with the promise of taking me along some other time. With a nonchalant wave and a nod, he went on his merry way. I’m the jealous sort. I’m also the competitive sort. I figured that if I avidly display my devotion to burgers and meat, in general, I could just start my own vlog segment. I don’t need any man. So naturally, I used my feminine wiles to convince Shameel to join me. It didn’t take a lot of effort on my part because we’ve been on a burger binge for a few weeks now and he’d been meaning to check out XXL Burgers. The moment felt right.


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XXL Burgers: Redemption is mine



XXL Burgers DHA is one of those new local fast food restaurants and they have killer deals: buy one burger and get one free. Who does that anymore? It would be foolish to not take advantage of this option and I ain’t no fool. The XXL Burgers Lahore menu also offers appetizers, shakes & more. Shameel ordered The Triple Barrel in classic Shameel fashion (read: excessive) and I ordered The Butter Burger. We placed a last minute order of Buffalo Wings too.


The operator informed us that the buy-one-get-one-free offer was valid on dine-in and takeaway only. So a Careem was booked and we headed to XXL Burgers. The location proved elusive because we’re kinda bad with directions, once we got there the outlet was a semi-abandoned, slightly run-down hole in the wall. I’m all for shabby eateries serving quality food. We paid for our meals, grabbed some water bottles and raced back to the office.



XXL Burgers

The Loot:



Once we reached our desks it was time to get down to business. It would have been easy to dig into the burgers right away, they smelt that good. However, the small, sturdy brown box of wings beckoned for our attention. I’m big on chicken wings and these were definitely the best I’ve had in a while, and I’ve had a few. The wings were hot and crispy with the perfect amount of buffalo sauce. I’m not talking smothered in sauce, a single paper napkin worked just fine when it came time to wipe my hands clean. We were both surprised to discover such a fine take on chicken wings from XXL Burgers considering that nowadays every eatery is frying up K&N’s frozen wings. Once the bones had been discarded we moved onto our main squeeze; burgers.


This time around we’d settled for single patties, not every day is a day for Quadra flashbacks. The Triple Barrel was a typical cheeseburger, except it wasn’t. This XXL Burger classic comes loaded with three mozzarella sticks. My Butter Burger was a basic burger with sauteed mushrooms which were quickly discarded. A little context: Shameel and I are the only meat-eaters in the office other than Imaad. We have to stick together. Our opinions on burgers are often the same but this time we did not see eye to eye. While he found XXL Burgers Triple Barrel to be just as good as Burger Labs Quadra I disagree. I’ve chalked down the praise to the three mozzarella sticks that were wolfed down. Makes it easier to forgive him. The beef was dry, the signature sauce lacked any depth and the overall experience was underwhelming.




The Verdict:



I loved the chicken wings, in fact, I would have preferred another serving instead of the burger. If anyone were to ask me where to find the best chicken wings in the city I would say XXL Burgers in a heartbeat. But that’s about it. It did, however, take away the sting of being abandoned by Imaad. Next week I’ll try bribing him to take me along. I’m thinking of Burger Lab as a worthy destination. I’ll be sure to report on the progress.






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