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Creds Associated Press - Word on the Nowruz Festivities in Kabul

Word on the Nowruz Festivities in Kabul

The Nowurz Festival marks the start of the Persian New Year. Thousands accumulated in Kabul, Afghanistan to join in the celebrations. The festival came to a devastating end as a suicide bomber detonated at the exit of the Shrine of Sakhi, killing over thirty and injuring over fifty individuals.



Just now
a festival marking the Persian New Year
was bombarded

One man
took it upon himself
to correct others

One man followed one ideology
and deemed those who didn’t

The other day I was told
Sufi festivals are communal events
they include
makeshift carnival rides

For children.

Collateral Damage
Necessary Evil
we’ve heard it all before
from men in combat gear
from men in suits

But where’s the honor
in deceiving the ‘enemy’
when the enemy’s agenda
includes ice cream and a go at the merry-go-round?

There is none.




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