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wild wings lahore

Wild Wings Lahore: Tacos, Burgers, Wings and Things

There’s nothing quite like a big meal after a full day of work. My colleagues had been hyping up a new sports bar for a while and last Friday we finally headed there as a team. Wild Wings Lahore is an Islamabad based franchise that specializes in chicken wings, with several other quick bites and interesting options on the menu.

I’d been doing my research, by which I mean that I had gone over the entire menu many times over the past few days. So by the time I walked into the restaurant I already knew what I would be eating at Wild Wings.

First Impressions

The ambiance here was quite “lit” with screens all around and trendy music playing overhead. They had the sports bar vibe down pat. When the menu was brought out I already knew what I wanted: Fish Tacos, the Nacho Libre Burger, Wild Thai Honey Wings, and Original Wild Wings. The order arrived in under 15 minutes, giving us just enough time for some quick banter and to get up to speed with the game score. They also brought out plastic gloves for us to wear while eating our wings.

The Wings at Wild Wings Lahore

I went straight to the Wild Thai Honey Wings expecting something life-altering. As I brought it closer to my mouth the smell of tabasco hit my throat preparing me for what was to come. The chicken and the crust were completely overpowered by hot sauce. I called on the server to ask him if there had been a mix-up, there had not. Needless to say, this particular flavor was a disappointment. The Original Wild Wings were way better. Tangy, sweet and smokey, they crunch of the batter and the juiciness of the wing was spot on. They definitely helped me forget the disappointment of the earlier flavor.



Fish Tacos

So I’m a sucker for tacos and the looks of the fish tacos had me pretty amped; fried pieces of cod, topped with salsa, julienned lettuce and sour cream and salsa were bound together in a hard tortilla shell. The taste was bright and crisp. I’d consider these a must-try for seafood lovers.

Nacho Libre Burger

This was the highlight of my dining experience. This burger, as the name suggests, contained a juicy beef patty, lettuce, mayo, topped with salsa, a generous serving of nacho cheese and nachos! It came with a side of crispy fries. The burger was naturally succulent and each bite had the merriment of every flavor all encompassed by a cushiony bun. I could not have ended my meal on a higher note.


Seeing as the restaurant is called Wild Wings I’m more than a little disappointed that one of the flavors I ordered was a total fail. Granted I only tried two options but if you bank on your name then every flavor should be phenomenal. The Nacho Libre Burger and the Fish Tacos were absolutely amazing. As for the rest of the wild wings flavors, I’m coming for you!