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20180306 181014 - Urooj's Potato Sticks Sandwich

Urooj’s Potato Sticks Sandwich

This week on Weird Combinations, we’re giving you an insight into Urooj’s self-assembled lunchbox from the 2nd to the 5th grade. Be warned, it is freakishly weird. And – she contests – freakishly awesome.





Bread – 2 Slices
Mayonnaise – User’s discretion
Potato Sticks – 1 Pack (crushed)
Super Crisps – 1 Pack


Okay so if you haven’t already stopped reading this, hear me out. Calling the list above a recipe may be a bit of a stretch. It may sound unappetizing and all-out absurd. But think about this: crisps are a version of fries, right? And most of you would pay a gross amount of money for french fries with a mayo-based dip. So what’s the harm in reversing it?

This sandwich started off in an attempt to make the best out of a poorly prepared mid-week lunch. Eventually, it became a go-to meal. And for all the nay-sayers: Crisps and mayo or bread and crisps work. Why not put them all together?



Here’s what you do


Cut the edges off two slices of bread (because why won’t you?). Put a light layer of mayo on a side of each slice. Next, crush the Potato Sticks to a half-powdered consistency. To do this, simply open the packet to let the air out, and then crush its contents with your fingers. Once you’re done, layer them on one side of the bread. Put the Super Crisps over them and cover with the second slice of bread. Press them together really well, and hear that perfect, instant crunch. Your sandwich is ready.



Why you need to try it


It’s smart, it’s affordable, and it’s a new way of looking at those same old, boring snacks. Just give it a go once; there’s not much to lose. Broaden your horizons, people!


Urooj spends way too much time thinking that deputy-anything qualifies her as the sheriff in a spaghetti western. Simple things make her happy, like the thought of staring into Clint Eastwood’s endlessly dreamy eyes or wearing star-spiked cowboy boots. She has an education and, like, can’t you tell? Her youthful glow and inviting personality are nourished by the blood of typo-prone writers.

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