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20171029 1326491 1024x768 1 - Weird Combinations Wednesday: Shameel's Nihari + Anda Pyaaz Combo

Weird Combinations Wednesday: Shameel’s Nihari + Anda Pyaaz Combo

This week on Weird Combinations, here’s a sneak-peak into Shameel’s preferred way of eating nihari. Prepare yourself: It’s not a recipe, or a mere combo. It’s the detailing of a lifestyle, of family secrets, and of things that apparently were destined to go together.



I don’t know if it’s a Chinioti thing or a Mazhar family thing, but I’ve grown up pairing anda pyaaz (literally scrambled eggs with onions, desi style) with almost any spicy curry or stew- especially nihari. I haven’t seen many other people have it on the regular, but in theory the combination makes sense. I guess you wouldn’t call this combination strictly weird. I would certainly call it a rarity though, so I guess that makes it strange enough to feature here. I’ve always subbed out brain masala for the barely set anda pyaaz served in a glass pan. In particular, this pairing works exceptionally well with a spicy nihari.



Here’s What You Do


There’s no recipe here per se. Get your favorite nihari, be it Hajji, Waris, or even the doughy Muhammadi. Get some nice, fluffy, khameeri roti. Then ask my mom to make the anda pyaaz. And voila! You have yourself the Lahore-famous combo.


Nah. In all seriousness you’ll have a hard time sourcing anything cooked by my mom, so the eggs are going to have to be a to each his/her own kinda thing. I’m not going to give the family recipe away but I will say that ghee, chili powder, onions, green chilies, and coriander are some of the key ingredients that  go into the mix.



Why You Need To Try It


It’s amazing, for starters: the perfect way to cut the spice of nihari with something succulent and neutral. Perfect for those who don’t like the idea of brain masala, but don’t really mind the same texture.



20171029 1326491 1024x768 - Weird Combinations Wednesday: Shameel's Nihari + Anda Pyaaz Combo

Magnifique. – Shameel



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