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This Weekend In Lahore: A Monsoon To Do List



Another week another rain. You could say we’re swamped. Monsoon season is here in full force, and summer has taken an expected back seat for a minute. I don’t know about you, but the temperature drop has got us aching to get out of our den. So we decided to be kind to you all and bring you another list of events happening this weekend, so you can decide what to do in Lahore!


If you happened to check out our events list from last week, the art exhibition goes on until this weekend. So all those who’ve missed out on a wonderful experience can now rest easy and have a go this weekend in Lahore.


Without further ado, here is our definitive list of things to do in Lahore this weekend.


If you don’t like our list, boo! come up with your own.



Weekend In Lahore

Rhymistan 4 (Hip-Hop Concert)


Inner City Art Centre, 7th July 2018, 7 PM



So this is a bit dodgy. We’re not really sure what to expect from this event and we would caution you to go at your own risk. Rhymistan either sounds like a lot of fun or an absolute nightmare, depending on your risk tolerance. Basically, hip-hop artists from 5 cities will be convening at the Inner City Arts Centre to dance, rap, and eat… we think. Tickets are Rs. 300 a pop, so it should be a worthy experiment.


P.S. All the performers are apparently dudes. Go figure.



Weekend In Lahore

Tiny Tales: Alice in Wonderland


British Council Pakistan, 8th July 2018, 2 PM



So guess what? The British Council (possibly the best thing to ever happen to Lahore) is hosting a reading of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland this Sunday! Yes, you read that right. They claim to have “delightful nonsense” in stock for your young uns. With entrepreneur and writer Khadija Malik spearheading the program, the reading will be followed by crafts activities. That ought to keep the little ones occupied.


P.S. This event requires pre-registrations. Walk-ins are not allowed, so plan ahead!



Weekend In Lahore

Mission to Mars: A Space Science Experiment


British Council Pakistan, 7th July 2018, 4 PM



Ever wondered what Mars is all about? Since we think the British Council is legit AF, we’re gonna go ahead and advocate for an(other) out of this world experience with them this weekend. Virtual Reality, British Council, interactive shit, this sounds like our (respective) cups of tea. Who says Lahore doesn’t have something for everyone?


P.S. If you’re going to the Alice in Wonderland reading as a power couple, we would suggest splitting up and killing two birds (events) with one stone (trip).



Weekend In Lahore




Timmy’s Johar Town, 8th July 2018, 1 PM



All you gamers, listen up:  if you play FIFA 18 and are tired of losing to your younger brother, we suggest you try your luck losing to strangers! Timmy’s in Johar Town has a FIFA 18 tournament this Sunday from 1 – 8 PM and you’re not invited. YAY!  Just kidding, everyone’s invited, as long as you’re up for a meal and some unhealthy competition! Finally, something for gamers to do in Lahore.


P.S. Big football fan? Check out our guide to watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Lahore. Sick, right? We know.


Weekend In Lahore

Tree Plantation Drive Lahore

Mall Road Lahore, 8th July 2018, 8 AM



We know, we know. You wanna have fun over the weekend. You didn’t come to our website to get bummed out. You’re honestly feeling so attacked right now. I’m sorry, okay? But the Earth is dying, so how about you make a tiny contribution, plant a tree (or five). It’s cheaper than buying a hybrid, at least. It’s probably the only physical exertion you’ll undergo all week and it’ll give you something to do in Lahore. So not only will you burn a few calories, you’ll feel better about yourself as a contributing member of society. Next time someone talks shit about your carbon footprint point them towards that neem tree you planted with your own two hands.



P.S. We’d recommend that you carry an umbrella, a water bottle and don’t skimp on the sunscreen. We wouldn’t want you to fall victim to the summer sun on your path to social responsibility.




Now you know what to do in Lahore this weekend. And it’s gon be lit. Don’t miss out on all the fun events the city has lined up for you; there ought to be something on our list that tickles your fancy. So enough lazing around, plan your weekend STAT!