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Weekend In Lahore

This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer’s Dream


I’ll be the first to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with summer and particularly the weekend in Lahore. The reason being how temperamental Mother Nature gets this (her time of the year I guess). My mornings are spent cursing at the Sun like a madman, but when the sun dissolves across a blushing skyline I am instantly pacified. I’ve stopped checking for weather updates because I refuse to look forward to intermittent showers. A girl can only take so much hurt.


However, Urooj tells me its raining outside. She might be lying (she does that often) but on the off chance that she’s being honest, I do have my weekend sorted. Lucky you, I’m going to let you in on my plans. 


Enough with the small talk. Here’s your definitive guide to this weekend in Lahore.




game night - This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer's Dream



British Council Pakistan, 21st July 2018, 4 PM



I love The British Council. I love game nights. There’s no way in hell that I’ll be missing their event this weekend in Lahore. I mean who isn’t obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, it’s going to be absolutely bonkers (allegedly and believably). And if you wanna tell me that the event isn’t for someone my age, you better be willing to square up.

P.S. This event requires pre-registrations. Walk-ins are not allowed, so plan ahead!


sasti - This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer's Dream



OLO Junction, 21st July 2018, 7:30 PM



OLOMOPOLO Media is on a roll, with new shows every weekend. If you’re the easily offended sort, this ain’t for you. If you’re chill, do check out their “Election Special” standup and improv show this weekend in Lahore. Grab your politics-loving uncle (we all have one) and watch his face change several shades, for extra LOLs of course.

P.S. Book your tickets before they run out.



calli2 - This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer's Dream



Hast-O-Neest, 21st-28th July 2018, 4 PM



Hast-o-Neest is a space conducive to science and arts. It approaches these disciplines from the perspective of Islamic social thought and offers free courses and sessions. If you’re sick of people pointing out your absolutely atrocious writing, sign up for this week-long penmanship workshop with Hast-O-Neest.

P.S. We’ve already registered Urooj for this weekend in Lahore.


thrust cut - This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer's Dream



Daftarkhwan, 21st July 2018, 1 PM


The startup scene in Lahore is a circle, and we’re all about collaboration and cooperation. Daftarkhwaan is hosting an inclusive event where discerning startups will share their success stories. There’s no substitute for experience-earned wisdom, so C+G is super excited to check this event out.

P.S. Maybe this is the push you need to turn your idea into something bigger.



open mic - This Weekend In Lahore: A Midsummer's Dream



The Last Word, 22nd July 2018, 5 PM



In today’s digital age all of us have a massive digital footprint and with it a range of stories. From bizarre Tinder dates to middle school cyber bullying. Is the millennial generation on the cusp of achieving global empathy or are we just one bad decision away from starring in our own Black Mirror episode? Gotta check this event out.

P.S. Open Mic nights at The Last Word are always wild, get your tickets now.



Now you know what to do this weekend in Lahore this weekend. It might rain, it might not. That really shouldn’t be a concern, Lahore is wildin’ either way.



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