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2 - Waheed Kabab House: A Dhaga Kabab & Limca Match Made in Heaven

Waheed Kabab House: A Dhaga Kabab & Limca Match Made in Heaven

Burns Road is not only one of the biggest food streets in Karachi but it is also the oldest and the busiest food street in town. The street is lined by a host of legendary eateries. If you want to eat Karachi’s best traditional Nihari and barbecued food, Waheed Kabab House is where it’s at. It was introduced to me by my husband who wholeheartedly loves their barbequed mince.


Our Experience at Waheed Kabab House

We went there on a Sunday and found it jam-packed. Even so, we proceeded upstairs to escape the deafening traffic. The staircases led us to a waiting area, comprising a few benches and a counter where we signed up. We waited for half an hour before we were allotted a table for two.

We moved past the counter towards our table, in the dining area, where a paper menu awaited us. Perched on my seat, I glanced around, amazed to see this place packed with people. Everyone was engrossed, eating away, ordering more rotis and parathas. The room smelt of delicious, charred BBQ, I couldn’t wait to taste it.

We quickly ordered one serving of the fry Seekh Kabab and Dhaga Kabab which are the specialties of the diner. We asked for chapati and a puri-paratha along with our meal.

Our seekh and dhaga kabab both arrived, accompanied by a generous helping of green chutney. The fried Seekh steaming in a pool of sizzling oil, the buttery mince beneath it looked even more delicious than the Seekh Kababs. The Dhaga Kabab came tangled in white strands of threads, which I pulled to free the mince from its grasp. The Dhaga Kabab was also scorching hot and incredibly tender. Their tastes were enhanced to perfection with the addition of green chutney. The chapatis we devoured with our minces were softer than cotton and the puris were crispy perfection.

Looking up I saw people shuffling in and out, there were families still waiting their turn. The place kept rolling this way, with customers buzzing in and out the whole time. It surely is a popular spot, and I’m not even surprised.


Ending on a High Note

We did not order any drinks as we had planned to go to my favorite place to have a Limca. We did go there but unfortunately, it was closed. I lamented till we got back home and ended up downing a can of Pepsi from my fridge. Ending the decadent meal with a glass of soda was the perfect ending to my day.