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Edited 28 - The Undefined Madness of Main Market

The Undefined Madness of Main Market

Gone are the days when people would randomly stroll along a bazaar and try to figure out exactly what they want and where to get it from. Not for me though. As much as I like to roam around malls for my seasonal shopping spree, I absolutely love scavenging through thickly populated marketplaces. Hence, I pay regular visits to either M M Alam Road or Main Market, a tradition I’ve developed for myself.


Whenever I’m lost, which is more than often, I try to get lost in Main Market (don’t try this if you’re bad at directions). The entire market is built around a circular park/roundabout where many a drug addicts seem to be parked. Safety tip: Never walk through it to get to the other side!



Main Market is your one-stop for all your scavenging needs. From clothes to crockery, fruits to stationary, there’s nothing you won’t find if you wander deep enough. Watch out for the vagrants though, the park is their safe haven.



Various roadside eateries, bookshops, electrical appliances’ shops, bakeries, banks etc. can be seen sprawling all around the marketplace.


It’s a bizarre market of sorts, something out of Knockturn Alley 


A convoluted web of roads and streets; alleys opening after every few feet. This unmatched madness is liberating – it is a chasm, where everything and everyone of all multitudes come together. For those who can see, the unraveling mystery of the market leads them to a frenzy. While for others, it has one of the most expansive collections of stationery shops, printers, and publishers where you can get your thesis printed, arranged and bound in no time.


It was for my thesis that I came here for the first time, and since then I’ve been back many times. As someone who loves to collection stationery items, I come here a lot. As someone who likes to buy household items such as plastic containers and organizers, I come here a lot.


Each street from the main road; each alley from the street opens to a new foray of shops.


As the distance from the circular center grows, the prices for the same items also keep dropping. However, what remains constant is the zeal with which each shopkeeper is eager to let you explore these oddly-sized shops. There is not much order in how everything is stacked and put up for display, except that whatever you ask for, will be found in any one of the shops.


Sometimes if you don’t know what you might need for your kitchen, just go to Main Market and all the things your kitchen is missing will materialize in front of you. You think you have enough file binders and pens? You’re wrong! There are many more options; so much more stuff that you can lay your hands on! Just keep looking.


The brightest and freshest fruit produce is also always on display with negotiable prices, the likes of which you wouldn’t find in any of the supermarkets.


There is some novelty in going to one place and buying everything from there.


Main Market is a bazaar that takes some adjusting to. In a single visit, it either grows on you or leaves you exhausted. Either way, pay a visit and explore the wondrous world of random shopping!

A pessimist, Remshay tries unequivocally to describe things from her own perspective.

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