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Topsy Turvy Lahore: Of Mice and Firemen

What Lahore boasts in food, it lacks in entertainment: enough of it. If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve been scratching your head for a bit longer than you’d like. Recently, however, a couple of kid friendly establishments have made themselves known in (primarily) Gulberg and DHA. When Lahore’s heat and your children become co-conspirators in driving you up the wall, an indoor play area is your best bet. I recently tried to pacify my three-year-old with a trip to Topsy Turvy Lahore.



Situated on the second floor of the ginormous Packages Mall (right next to Cinepax), Topsy Turvy is the newest and largest children’s soft-play and edutainment centre in Lahore. It’s all about pretend-play, which has been proven to increases creativity and instil social and emotional confidence in children.


First Impression

Painted mouse mascots serve as the Welcoming Committee, ushering us inside. The ticketing booth at the entrance provides two options: a two hour playtime and a day-long pass. We opted for the two hour pass. Socks? Mandatory.




One step inside and it already felt like a fantasy. On our right was the pretend play area with a ‘Town Centre’. It came equipped with a ‘Fire Station’, with little children pretending to be firemen, putting out pretend fires. Right next to it was a ‘Market’, with kids moving from aisle to aisle, tossing plastic fruits into their mini carts. There was a whimsical ‘Mouse-House’, where my daughter spent a bulk of her time playing house. Well, that and the ‘Park’, which was outfitted with small swings and soft rides.

The purpose built ‘Soft-Play Area’ at Topsy Turvy Lahore catered to varying age groups. ‘Toddler Town’ is built for children aged from 1-5 years, while older kids get to indulge in a maze-like structure containing twisty slides, soft blocks, a ball pond and a rock climbing trampoline. I couldn’t help but join in on the fun. I wasn’t alone; several other parents were busy hopping on trampolines and coming down slides with their little ones close behind. Parents need some play time too!

Other than rides and pretend-play, Topsy Turvy also had a toy shop, a face painting booth, and a small cafe providing snacks like chips, popcorn, nachos, sandwiches and drinks.




The staff is professional and gets along well with the children. This means the parents can catch a quick breather without too much worrying. Topsy Turvy Lahore also arranges themed birthday parties, promising to make the experience stress, hassle, and boredom free.

Topsy Turvy didn’t disappoint one bit. My daughter had a blast for two hours straight, which is a rarity to begin with. She came out bouncing with joy, already planning our second visit. While Lahore has a long way to go in providing family focused entertainment, Topsy Turvy Lahore is a step in the right direction – a safe, secure and stimulating environment for young children and parents.


Topsy Turvy Lahore, AddressPackages Mall, Walton Road, Gulshan Colony, Lahore, Punjab
Topsy Turvy Lahore, Timings: 10 AM- 10 PM
Contact Topsy Turvy Lahore for ticket prices: +92311 0849491