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TiE Lahore Chapter: Chartering Change with Zain Jeewanjee

Press Release: The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) – Lahore Chapter: Chartering Change with Zain Jeewanjee


Lahore, Friday, March 1, 2019: TiE Lahore hosted insurance giant Zain Jeewanjee as the keynote speaker for the talk titled Chartering Change with Zain Jeewanjee. The event was from 3 pm – 5 pm at Daftarkhwan Central, and was an invite-only event. Charter Members and selected startups were in attendance. The Chief Guest for the event was TiE Lahore founding member Syed Babar Ali.



TiE is an international, not-for-profit initiative that aims to foster entrepreneurship. It consists of 68 chapters in 18 countries and boasts over 13,000 members under its fold. TiE Lahore aims to encourage and promote the entrepreneurial landscape in the country by hosting talks and workshops led by acclaimed professionals and industry leaders.

Chartering Change with Zain Jeewanjee was an insight into Jeewanjee’s emotionally charged journey as he climbed the ranks and was able to cement his place as one of the most prominent insurance gurus in the world. The talk touched upon the topics of giving, learning, and enabling change in personal and professional capacities.

Charcoal + Gravel, as the official media partners for the event, had nominated founder Shameel Mazhar to act as the Master of the Ceremony. He led with a brief introduction to the event, and talked about change, before handing over the microphone to Syed Babar Ali.

Babar Ali, a titan in Pakistan’s industrial landscape, talked about his personal relationship with Jeewanjee, and how they collectively decided to bring TiE’s charter to Pakistan in 2001. He also talked about the spirit of TiE, and how it has the potential to change countless lives in Pakistan. After a brief introduction to Jeewanjee, the keynote began.



Jeewanjee talked about his personal rituals, like waking up at 4:30 am and being accessible to every single person who reaches out to him. He spoke of his relationship with TiE Lahore and with Babar Ali, whom he considers a mentor and a prolific contributor to the budding entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan. Jeewanjee spoke about change coming from personal experiences and identifying gaps in the market, and openly offered his resources and insights to the entirety of the audience. He stated that he would welcome connecting with the audience on professional networks such as LinkedIn, should they require anything he has to offer.

TiE Lahore President Humayun Mazhar, after Jeewanjee’s talk, made remarks about how TiE Lahore has been able to host speakers like Jeewanjee for years, and that it could offer substantial assistance to individuals looking to innovate.

TiE Lahore Executive Director Javaria Khan, in her closing remarks, quoted Ashfaq Ahmed’s poetry about giving to others and receiving more in return, which resonated well with the audience. She invited the audience to join Jeewanjee and other Charter Members for a networking session over tea on the rooftop of Daftarkhwan Central.

The event was sponsored by CresVentures and managed by ZM Events. Branding and artwork were provided by Charcoal + Gravel.

TiE Lahore is keen to welcome Associate Members who can benefit from the mandate of its charter and will continue to host similar, high-impact events in the future. More details about the TiE Lahore Chapter and the organization as a whole can be found here.

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