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this weekend in lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: The Walled City Anthology

This weekend in Lahore we’ve got two major festivals happening. One of which is the Coke Festival, back for round two, and the other is a multi-media installation in the Walled City, titled Sheherezade. There’s a Jazz Night, a workshop on minimalism and a panel discussion of feminism in Pakistan. Need details? Read ahead.

olo jams

OLO Jams

Olomopolo Media is hosting BlueSex for a night of musical revelry. For those unfamiliar with the musical stylings of the BlueSax collective, it’s a band that was formed in early 2011. They follow a blues structure with a desi twist, playing songs with social and spiritual themes. Nothing to make your weekend like a Live Jazz Night, is there?

P.S. Tickets are available at the venue



An urban intervention that brings together architects, artists, computer scientists, craftspeople, designers, digital innovators, and interdisciplinary teams. This installation fuses the digital realm with sacred heritage. Through interaction, engagement and community participation, Sheherezade seeks to draw people ‘born of the city’ into this historic space to explore and rediscover stories old and new.

P.S. The installation commences at Delhi Darwaza and follows The Royal Trail



Femininity زنانگی, will address ‘The Contemporary Social Perspective of Women of Pakistan’ and existent sociocultural practices. The aim is to get creative insights on these pressing issues and communicated it on a larger scale. The event will feature women speakers only, and women are encouraged to attend. It’ll be a safe space to debate and discuss.

P.S. No stags allowed, sorry!



In this workshop, Saba Gul Hasan, a converted minimalist shows how to apply the principles of minimalism to your life. Inspired by Marie Kondo and her methods, this workshop is centered towards teaching you how to declutter, organize, let go of unnecessary stress, tackle anxiety, enlighten you about compulsive shopping and the small ways minimalism can be a part of your life in a fun way!

P.S. Register to attend here

coke fest

Coke Festival

It’s that time of the year again when Asad Sheikh becomes as ubiquitous on social media as Santa Claus during Christmas time. Coke Festival was a big hit last November, with many food giants bringing their A-Game. We’re hoping for the same spark this time around, if not better.

P.S. Strategize before you start eating, a POA is very important

You’ll catch me in the Walled City, experiencing the Sheherezade Anthology, but feel free to take your pick from this curated list.

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