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feat 1 - This Weekend in Lahore: Weekend in the Walled City

This Weekend in Lahore: Weekend in the Walled City

There’s no denying that winters in Lahore are best spent exploring and rediscovering the city. Old Lahore is a popular destination, especially amongst larger groups. Well, time to gather your troops because this weekend in Lahore you need to head on over to the Walled City. However, this time it’s not just for food, though we would recommend checking out our favorite nashta spot nonetheless. This weekend there’s a whole bunch happening in that side of town that you don’t want to miss out:

khuaab gaah visit


This weekend in Lahore, Khuaab Gah is visiting Wazir Khan Mosque instead of their regular discussion meetups. The aim is to explore familiar spaces with a new vision for urban dwellers.

P.S. Book your tickets, fast.



In the lead up to this year’s Human Rights Day, OLO will be screening 8 films selected for the Human Rights Through Cinematography Film Festival to celebrate and stand up for human rights.

P.S. Everyone’s invited!



The National History Museum is hosting a storytelling session. They’ll be reading ‘Dev Haekal Magarmach’ – based on The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl, this will be followed by an art activity.

P.S. Tickets are PKR 50!

history by night


What we have here is an official tour of the Walled City, it happens every Saturday night and you need to pre-book. The entire experience is immersive and interactive, definitely recommended.

P.S. Perfect for a weekend family plan.



The photo walk will guide you through ten different locations spread across the Walled City, you don’t need to be a pro photographer to sign up. It’ll probably leave everyone equally enamored with the city.

P.S. Book a spot ASAP. 

Let me know what you end up doing this weekend in Lahore, I’m sure this list has given you at least some motivation or inspiration to head out. 

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