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this weekend in lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: Urban Living and Giving

This weekend in Lahore is perfect for exploring, learning, and some family fun. From tours to talks, there’s a lot to be done and not enough time to plan it. Luckily, our quick and easy list makes everything a breeze.Read on for our top five picks for this weekend in Lahore:


tuti fruti show

Olo is hosting another one of its infamous, offensive, dirty comedy shows. Kids are definitely not welcome, a thick skin is a prerequisite.

P.S. Tickets will be available at the venue.


Urban Life and Climate Change

The Last Word presents Urban Life and Climate Change with Mehjabeen Abidi Habib. She will be speaking on why it is important for us to understand and love nature all around us in cities and villages and how this might help us and help climate action.

P.S. The event is open to all



Make your Sunday worthwhile with a guided tour to the Gurdawaras & Janam Asthans in the Walled City with Pawan Singh Arora. The tour includes brunch at Food Street, a Rangeela Rickshaw Ride, souvenir shopping, and cultural performances. Attractions include Janam Asthan Guru Ram Das, Gurdawara Dera Sahib, Gurdawara Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, Samadhi of Maharaja Kharak Singh and Samadhi of Kanwar Nau Nehal Singh.


All Pakistan Music Conference

Witness the likes of Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala, Ustad Badar Uz Zaman, Ustad Qamar uz Zaman, Akmal Qadri, Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, Gul Muhammad, Dr. Amjad Parvez and other musical maestros, this weekend in Lahore.

P.S. The event is open to all


Tiny Tales

Join us for hair-raising Halloween special as we read Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom and take part in a spooky crafts activity right after! Your little ones will be making creepy pumpkin masks and constructing sinister straw skeletons for a truly eerie experience.

So where will this weekend in Lahore lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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