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This Weekend in Lahore: The Art of Give and Take

This weekend in Lahore is going to be as exciting as ever with our specially curated list of events. From late night sehri tours to lazy afternoon book clubs, take your pick:


رات باقی، بات باقی

The open-air evening event is for lovers of Urdu adab(tradition). Featuring dramatic readers, storytellers, and poets; the theatrical presentation will be a great venue to connect with those who share your love for literature.

P.S. Get your free ticket right here



The BCP is kicking it old-school this Eid and inviting you to revive the tradition of sharing Eid cards with your loved ones. Hand made for an extra touch of love. From minimalist tasteful origami to quaint pop ups- what’s your flavor?

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The Art of War

The Art of War, by Chinese Military leader Sun Tzu, is a book of strategy about warfare. There are various implications that can be derived from the book, in a personal as well as professional context. Reconstruct meaning with other readers.

P.S. The event is free, register to attend


Kindness Card

GooLine Gulberg is giving patrons a chance to turn fun into charity. Spend an hour at the gaming zone and the proceeds from your visit will be donated to charity. Don’t let anyone shame you for spending your roza gaming- it’s for the greater good.

P.S. Game all night, sleep all day

sehri turr

Sehri Turr

Ramzan and fasting probably have you in full hermit mode. Let’s fight that this weekend in Lahore. Here’s how: a one-day, super fun, all you can eat tour in our own Lahore. It’s halal, it’s do-able, it’s for the whole fam.

P.S. The event is open to all

So where will you be found this weekend in Lahore? 

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