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jan feature - This Weekend in Lahore: Tech and Tales

This Weekend in Lahore: Tech and Tales

Welcome to the 2019 edition of This Weekend in Lahore. How’s everyone settling into it? I’m sure a lot of you are still recovering from New Years night, which is why this weekend in Lahore is about taking it easy. Relatively. Read this quick and easy Charcoal + Gravel guide to doing it right.

robotics club


Become a part of an exclusive community of coders, engineers, hackers, makers, innovators, and creators. There is no age limit and no prior technical knowledge is required. Come one, come all.

P.S. Build your own robot.

state of ai

AI IN 2019

This free seminar will present a comprehensive look at how organizations will be adopting Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and revolutionizing businesses. Also, check out the new setup.

P.S. DK Central is worth a visit, or two.



Fiverr Stars will be talking about their experiences, effective communication, how to handle cancellations and violations & some tips & tricks to get success on Fiverr. Freelancers, come check it out.

P.S. Register ASAP.

suno kahani


Bring your kids to an exciting storytelling session at the National History Museum. We will be reading ‘Zarafa, Hawasail aur Mein’ – based on The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. Family weekend fun.

P.S. The session will be followed by an art activity. 

open mic


A platform for any artist willing to present any type of art. There is no prescribed topic, as long as you’re passionate about something and want to share it with an audience, you need to sign up.

P.S. Register ASAP. 

And that’s how you need to tackle this weekend in Lahore. Slow and steady.

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