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this weekend in Lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: Stylin’ Wilin’

Welcome back to your one-stop guide to everything that’s happening in your city. This weekend in Lahore is the last weekend of the month. This means we need to go out with a bang, not a whisper. Everything worth checking out this weekend is scheduled for the 26th. If you want to check all five stops out you’ll be a busy bee from 3-10 PM.

It’s good to be ambitious.

style for dummies

Personal Style for Dummies with Haiya Bokhari

Got a tricky item in your closet that you love but just can’t figure out how to wear? Or do you simply want to learn to be comfortable in your everyday wardrobe? Well, you’re in expert hands. Haiya Bokhari is the most sought after stylist in the city and is perhaps the only person who can truly break down the science of staying on fleek.

P.S. Prior registration to attend is mandatory.

manto ka pakistan

Manto ka Pakistan

The National History Museum Lahore will be hosting an exclusive panel discussion on Saadat Hassan Manto and the polarizing impact of his work. The event will feature talks by Dr. Asif Aslam Farrukhi, Dr. Saadat Saeed and Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed, and will be moderated by Dr. Farzana Riaz.

P.S. The talk will be interactive and is open to all.


Vasakh Documentary Film Festival

The 11th Vasakh International Documentary Film Festival is here. As always, the festival will be showcasing national and international short documentary films on the themes of human rights and cultural diversity. The aim is to show a different side of Pakistan and initiate fruitful dialogue.

P.S. The festival is open to the public.

open mic

Open Mic Night 2.0

Open Mic Night by Do Teeye Cikkhay is back at it again. The event is one of a kind in a city where the true sense of open mic is often lost. There will be no prescribed topic or method to adhere to. Just a stage and the artist; free to present or engage with any art form the heart desires.

P.S. Register right here to attend.


Mushaira in Heera Mandi

Pavillion Lahore, in collaboration with Sweet Tooth, is hosting a poetry recitation night. The theme for this mushaira is “controversy”. The venue is a safe space for anyone airing the skeletons in their closet, wearing their heart on their sleeve or just trying to rip society a new one.

P.S. Register to attend and sign up to perform.

There you have it guys, a complete rundown of everything happening this weekend in Lahore. Let us know if you’re able to make it to every event on this list and we’ll send you a special medal of achievement.

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