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this weekend in lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: Standalone and Explore

This weekend in Lahore is as diverse as it gets, with escape rooms, exhibitions, tours, and talks spread out from dusk to dawn. Take your pick, we’ve got ours:

this weekend in Lahore

Escape Room

You’ll be thrown into a race against time with obstacles and puzzles to trip you up at every step! Team up with your friends or even people you may not really like because when the Gamemaster is on the prowl, no one is safe.

this weekend in lahore

After Layari Expressway

O Art Space is hosting a curation of works by artist Muzammil Khan. The artist aims to reconstruct the world of his past by visualizing the spaces which are deeply rooted in his memory or resurface to the conscious as flashbacks.

this weekend in lahore


The Lahore Actors’ Fellowship presents “STANDALONE” – The 1st showcase of performances live at The Colony Lahore. The showcase shall feature scenes, monologues, songs and dance pieces selected from acclaimed repertoires.

this weekend in lahore

Taxali Tour

Experience the melodies of the past, tempting aromatic cuisines, heritage streets, historic houses of famed singers & legendary personalities, music sagas, illustrious havelis and vibrant bazaars through the storytellers of Taxali.

this weekend in lahore


Head to OLO for an inclusive discussion about the perils of manipulation, emotional abuse, and intimate relationship abuse with an open mind and warm attitude.

P.S. Everyone’s invited!

So where will this weekend in Lahore lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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