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This Weekend in Lahore: Some for your Crew, Some for You

January felt like an eternity but now we’ve entered a brand new month. New month, new me? I’ve tried to keep this list as full of wholesome group activities as possible. If you’re looking for enriching experiences this weekend in Lahore, simply scroll through this list and take your pick.

With so much happening in the city, you’d be a fool to miss out.

Don’t be a fool.


Badnaam- Live at True Brew

Are you a fan of a little band called Badnaam? Well, you’re in luck. Pepsi Battle of the Bands runner-ups, Badnaam will be making their much awaited Live at True Brew debut. Don’t miss out on your chance to watch Badnaam deliver the goods. Catch them up close and personal this evening. Also, nobody throws a party as wild as True Brew does.

P.S. Space is limited so try to get there early to score a ticket.

preserving the preserved

Preserving the Preserved

The solo exhibition will feature Sana Durrani, a visual artist and art conservator-restorer at Lahore Arts Council. She is known for her innovative and distinctive style used for treating the images into 3D collages while her practice revolves around studying the psychological impact of spaces. You can check out her work this Friday, at Taseer Art Gallery.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring a date.


Paper Arts Workshop

I’m super excited to attend this workshop. My office drawer is a paper crane cemetery and I’m trying to perfect my box-folds, I’m hoping they can help me. This workshop is a collaboration between Studio 90 Collective and MittiGhar. It will feature a Nepalese origami and quilling expert, Yamuna Shrestha. 

P.S. I’ll see you there guys.


Remembering Munnu Bhai

Okay, so this isn’t actually an event. Munnu Bhai, the legendary journalist, columnist, poet, and writer, passed away on the 22nd of January, 2019. The gathering is in memory of him and his notable literary services. He is remembered as a vocal supporter of free speech and journalism under various military dictatorships. Join us in honoring him.

P.S. The memorial service will be held in Hall 2 and is open to all.

book fair

Lahore International Book Fair 2019

Not going to lie, this one sounds like heaven to me. Hundreds of book vendors and thousands of books, all under one gigantic, state-of-the-art roof. This event is for people of all ages from all walks of life, with a passion for reading. I can’t think of a better way to jump into pay-week, can you?

P.S. Don’t blow your entire paycheck. Or do. 

There you have it guys, a complete rundown of everything happening this weekend in Lahore. And while not all of these might be entirely exciting, they’re definitely worth your while

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