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this weekend in Lahore

This Weekend In Lahore: September Sights and Sounds

I hope everyone’s settling into the new month with ease. While the last weekend was a bit slow, this weekend in Lahore is all primed to be unforgettable. Whether you’re into music and theatre or if civic responsibility is your calling, don’t fret. This weekend in Lahore promises something for everybody. You already know I went ahead and sorted your weekend for you. Read on:




this weekend in Lahore


True Brew Records, 7th- 8th September 2018, 7:30 PM



Everybody’s favorite Natasha Noorani is back from K-town, what better way to celebrate than a live session at True Brew Records? Noorani will be showcasing her debut album titled ‘Munasib’. The line-up features Daud Ramay of Pepsi Battle of the Bands fame. This is one jam you don’t wanna miss,


P.S. Seats are limited so show up early.




this weekend in Lahore


HRCP HALL, 9th September 2018, 6 PM



The event revisits the concept of Defence Day, to talk about the human cost of terrorism, the need for establishing rehabilitation center, and understanding the idea of a “martyr” in a country that has lost over 70,000 souls to terrorism. Aik Awam Movement aims to encourage dialogue and discourse through this meaningful event.


P.S. Keep up with Aik Awam Movement



this weekend in Lahore


Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, 8th September 2018, 3 PM



Comic-Con PK is an initiative that brings together Pakistani Cartoonists, Comic Book Artists, collectors, and artists. It provides an opportunity for individuals from similar fields to come together to network and share. This weekend in Lahore they’ll be hosting an art competition where the winner takes all, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, drop by.


P.S. Register quickly!




this weekend in Lahore


Alhamra Art Council, 8th September 2018, 7 PM



A culmination of Ajoka’s pioneering “Acting MasterClass”, after an intensive training process these bright, young Actors will be performing at the “Alhamra Theatre Festival”. The play is a multi-layered comment on modern day society, the play presents a scathing critique of cultural narratives, norms, and practices, in a humorous but meaningful way.


P.S. Buy your tickets ASAP.




this weekend in Lahore


Lahore Grande Banquet Hall, 9th- 11th September 2018, 4 PM



Lahore’s OG  whole foods and craft market is back at it again. Haryali is a name synonymous with innovation in the organic goods scene. The market provides an exciting platform for fresh, local and quality cottage industry within an urban landscape. Many big brands started out with small stalls at Haryali, so you know its all quality stuff.


P.S. Prepare to drown in organic goodies. 




How’s that for a killer weekend? There isn’t a single event on this list that you should miss. Looks like you’ve got a busy weekend in Lahore ahead of you. Good to stay prepared. 



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