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This Weekend In Lahore: For Shits and Giggles

This weekend in Lahore I’m going to make sure you have the time of your life. The slew of activities that Lahore has lined up for you makes my task easier. Not only is the weekend chock full of events, but the entire week is also one thing after the other. If ever there was a time to strike the perfect balance between work and play, it is now. Flavor of the week is humor, and who doesn’t love a good laugh? Without further ado, here is your definitive C+G guide to this weekend in Lahore:





Saad Haroon Poster 1024x389 - This Weekend In Lahore: For Shits and Giggles


Cinepax, 18th October 2018, 6:30 PM



Packages Mall is hosting a live comedy night at Cinepax featuring Saad Haroon and The Khawatoons. It’s going to be two straight hours of crazy comedy and unparalleled impropriety of the best kind. The event is highly exclusive but we’ve got free passes up for grabs. Since we love you guys and really want you to win, we’ve got two competitions running side by side. You can either participate in our giveaway on Facebook, simply follow the instructions provided in the video and stand a chance to win. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter and become one of the lucky few who will receive two exclusive passes to this event. Enter both giveaways simultaneously and you’ll double your chances of winning, so what are you waiting for?. 


P.S. Passes are limited so enter our giveaway competition ASAP!





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Olo Junction, 13th Oct 2018, 6:00 PM



If you were one of the lucky few who witnessed House Ltd’s Body Becoming performance art exhibition last weekend, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this event. This talk will serve as a debriefing of sorts as well as an interactive session to explore the nature of performing arts.



P.S. Sign up for the next session while you’re there.




the odd couple 1024x576 - This Weekend In Lahore: For Shits and Giggles


Ali Auditorium, 12th October 2018, 10:15 AM



The Odd Couple is an amateur stage production by the Dramatics Society at LGS Model Town. The students have painstakingly put together this play which is to open at Ali Auditorium on the 12th of October early on Saturday morning. This is one event for the fam.


P.S. Hoots are guaranteed.





ghayabana roast 1024x537 - This Weekend In Lahore: For Shits and Giggles


Olo Junction, 12th October 2018, 7:30 PM



Olo Media and Shehzad Ghiaz are adopting the American tradition of roasting the President, and Imran Khan is the man of the hour. This is an encore performance after the incredible success of the first Ghayabana Roast. If you enjoy politically incorrect and outrageous humor, this is going to make your Saturday.


P.S. Steer clear of the event if you’re the easily offended sort.




storytelling 1024x536 - This Weekend In Lahore: For Shits and Giggles


National History Museum, 13th October 2018, 3:30 PM



The National History Museum has something in store for the kids this weekend in Lahore. The storytelling session is open to all NHM visitors and will be followed up by a reading of Sufi Tabassum’s “Tot Batot”. Your kids will love you for this one.


P.S. The event is open to the public. 





If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend in Lahore that’s entirely on you, considering how thorough the C+G weekend guide is this time around. Don’t forget to participate and win exclusive passes to make the most of this week. Godspeed. 





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