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This Weekend In Lahore: Stepping into September

A new month is upon us. Finally. August seemingly dragged on forever and I’m entirely over it. The best part about September is that I can start planning my fall wardrobe without feeling like a complete lunatic. Other than which I have a slew of exciting events happening this weekend in Lahore to look forward to. Here’s a C+G welcome to September list to help you plan for your weekend. You can thank us (me) in the comments.




This Weekend In Lahore

Bol Kay Lubb Azaad Hain Teray

Chota Mota Theatre, 1st September 2018, 7 PM



Mobeen Ejaz of Chota Mota Theatre is all set to bring “Bol Kay Lubb Azaad Hain Teray” to the big stage. The play has been directed as a tribute to one of the greatest poets and a timeless legend- Faiz Ahmad Faiz. You can catch the play at Alhamra but be sure to book a ticket in advance.


P.S. Do take the kids along.




This Weekend In Lahore

Tarhun: The Beautiful- The Bizarre

O Art Space, 31st August- 10th September 2018, 6 PM



O-Art Space is the place to be this weekend in Lahore. Don’t miss the opening reception of this stunning two-person show featuring new artworks by the exceptionally talented Hoor Imad and Noormah Jamal. The featured artists are NCA graduates who’ve managed to garner quite a following in a very short span of time. Expect to be blown away.


P.S. Follow these guys on Instagram!



This Weekend In Lahore

The Hollow Crown: Curatorial Walkthrough

Civil Secretariat, 31st August- 8th September 2018, 8 AM



The walkthrough illustrates the Fall of the Mughal Empire, presenting the events in visual, textual and auditory forms. Exhibited in the Mughal built Anarkali’s tomb, the viewers will be able to comprehend the despair of the Mughals at the fall of Delhi, as well as the emotion of relief and ultimately triumph felt by the British.


P.S. A must visit for history-buffs.




This Weekend In Lahore

An Evening with Moeed Yusuf

The Last Word, 1st September 2018, 6:30 PM



The discourse surrounding nuclear deterrence strategies remains rooted in Cold War models. Moving beyond debates surrounding the widely accepted rational deterrence model, Yusuf offers an original perspective rooted in a thoughtful analysis of recent regional nuclear conflicts that take these changing factors into account. This talk is not to be missed.


P.S. Catch you there.




This Weekend In Lahore

Organic Bazaar at Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall, 31st August- 2nd September 2018, 12 PM



New month, new you? Head on over to Emporium Mall and stock up on all sorts of healthy goodies, from foods to beauty products. Organic Bazaar 2.0 is sure to satiate your healthy cravings. This is one event that should be checked out with fam by your side so that everyone can pick something out for themselves. Get to it guys.


P.S. Do stock up. 




You’ve got no reason to laze around this weekend in Lahore. Not with this handy-dandy C+G to do list at your disposal. 



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