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this weekend in Lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: Screens and Dreams

This weekend in Lahore features two special screenings, an exclusive book launch, exhibitions, and panel discussions. Take your pick:


Best Kept Secret

IAC, 3rd May 2019, 5 PM

FILMIAC, in collaboration with the Museums Association of Pakistan, presents “Pakistan’s Best-kept Secret: Lahore Museum”. The screening will coincide with the premiere held by Center of Museum Studies at Birkbeck College, London, and will be followed by a panel discussion on “Importance of Museum Awareness in Pakistan”.

P.S. The event is open to all


Movie Night

“Finding Vivian Maier” is a critically acclaimed documentary about a mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades after her death. Maier’s strange and riveting life and art are revealed through never before seen photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her.

P.S. Register to attend


No Fortunes To Tell

English verse as an instrument of resistance has largely remained under-explored in the country, till now. Harris Khalique takes on the perpetrators of bigotry and violence through powerful real-life symbols. Khalique’s work is viewed by the fantastic Mehvash Amin and we can’t wait to see how the conversation between the two poets unfolds.

P.S. Open to all


Urdu Hai Jis Ka Naam

Is Urdu poetry your thing? Head over to Olo Junction this weekend in Lahore, and take your family with you. The session explores riveting themes in Urdu literature and poetry and will feature a special musical performance for viewers. 

P.S. Tickets will be available at the venue



Principal Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri and Cowasjee Print Studio invite you to an exhibition: ”MONSOON” The Box Print Portfolio. This weekend in Lahore, at the Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Gallery in National College of Arts, prepare to be blown away. “Monsoon” is the culmination of a workshop attended by a group of 14 artists, who developed their images through various techniques of printmaking.

P.S. The event is open to all

Let us know if any of these tickled your fancy!

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