06 Mar, Saturday
39° C
this weekend in Lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: Reciting & Reflecting

Days are getting colder and nights are getting excruciatingly boring for those of us not invited to any weddings. So what is one to do this weekend in Lahore? Glad you asked. I’ve got some real soulful alternatives for you guys right here. Take a look at my top five picks for this weekend in Lahore:

jigar moradabadi

Q Jafri Reads Jigar Moradabadi

The Hast o Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts presents a night of reading and reciting old classics. Jigar Moradabadi was a prominent poet and Urdu lyricist. The event features Q Jafri.

P.S. Free for all and open to families.

joy of urdu

Joy of Urdu

This time the Joy of Urdu Reading Group- Lahore will be having a discussion on the works of Altaf Fatima and Fehmida Riaz with Arfa Sayeda, to facilitate and enable the ongoing revitalization of Urdu.

P.S. Lovers of Urdu of all levels of proficiency are welcome.

bulleh shah

Bulleh Shah

Experience the mysticism with the performances of Wahab Shah, Sayeein Zahoor and Fazal Jutt. Dinner will be served at the Royal Kitchen. Attendees also get to tour Huzoori Bagh on Rangeela Rickshaws.

P.S. Book your spot asap.


Stray Reflections

Stray Reflection is an exhibition of the most recent works of Ms. Jalil. The artworks explore a restless dialogue with the fluctuating contexts of things. The display is open to public at Javed Manzil.

P.S. Perfect excuse to visit Lawrence Park.

full moon drum cricle

Cold, Cold Moon

The last full moon of 2018 happens to be this Saturday. Join the Drum Clinic and complete the journey of 2018 together. Wash away all negative emotions and turn them into positive feelings. Sounds right.

P.S. Seats are limited so register quickly. 

There is no better way to spend this weekend in Lahore than to read and reflect. 

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