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this weekend in Lahore

This Weekend in Lahore: All Day Saturday

Hey all, welcome to December. The drop in temperatures has revived my sinking soul and this weekend in Lahore I am ready to push myself. Not that I have a choice, it seems that everyone has picked the 8th of December for any and all events. That means a full day of trapezing across the city. Here at Charcoal + Gravel, we bring you the choicest of activities every weekend. This weekend in Lahore is no different. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride.

this weekend in Lahore


A contemporary fusion/funk band, Mughal-e-Funk is a combination of ambient music, groovy melodies and incredibly inventive percussion and bass parts. The event will knock you off of your feet.

P.S. Free for all and open to families.

this weekend in Lahore


Marked with Hanifs trademark satire and wit, alternating between slapstick and poignant, this novel is a resounding critique of both the production and ravages of modern war., i.e. a conversation starter.

P.S. Aysha Raja will be moderating the reading.

this weekend in Lahore


The first debate of the Ikhtelaaf e Raaye series at NHM will bring former speakers of Lahore’s illustrious debate circuit under one roof as they engage in a riveting parliamentary-style debate.

P.S. No entries after 4:30 pm.

this weekend in Lahore


To celebrate their second anniversary, The Sunday Walkers Club is hosting an exhibition. The exhibition has been curated to feature some of the most riveting pictures of the city.

P.S. Perfect excuse to visit Lawrence Park.

this weekend in Lahore


ProperGaanda is hosting an open mic night on the 7th of December at Mocca Cafe, Phase 5, Lahore. So join us as we explore some local talent and what Lahore has to offer! Sounds fun don’t it.

P.S. Tickets cost Rs. 500. 

Might want to keep your Careem on standby, this weekend in Lahore ought to be a busy one. Follow our lead and you’ll do just fine.

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