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this weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Throwback Thursday

This weekend in Karachi promises something for everyone. There’s a little learning a little laughing, but a whole lot of love to be spread this weekend. So take your pick from our smart list.

this weekend in karachi

The Auratnaak Show

Women couldn’t save Karachi from drowning in the monsoon rains and feminism meant that everyone was stuck indoors without garam samosay and gol rotis, but luckily the Auratnaak Show took that time to regroup and return to the stage! So just when you thought you couldn’t handle one more woman whining about non-existent problems like gender inequality, the Auratnaak Show brings you five such women and one hour of real talk!

P.S. Do not miss out, these ladies will have you in splits.

this weekend in karachi

Learning Farsi

Ready to make a month long committment to T2F? Introduction to Persian Language along with Masnavi e Molana Rumi will introduce you to basic Persian vocabulary, tenses and sentences, verses and phrases commonly and the first chapter of Masnavi.

P.S. Register now

this weekend in karachi

Love Outside of Language

Taking “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” as a jumping off point, the exhibition and its associated programming is an investigation and reflection of both the limitations and possibilities of language as a means to define, explain and express diverse genders and sexualities across time and space.

P.S. The exhibition runs through September.

this weekend in karachi

The Comeback

Show us your vocal talents and re-live the ‘90s with us as we jam out to our favourite classics from around the world and Pakistan at our Karaoke Night! Get your groove on as we sing everything from pop and rock to hip-hop and more. Perform in a group with your friends and family or go solo as you take the stage to transform into a rock star or disco diva!

this weekend in karachi

Poems to Perform

This month, we’re mixing music with words and singing our hearts out! Join us for an interactive session of stories, music, and poetry where we’ll be performing to some of our favourite rhymes for children!

So where will this weekend in Karachi lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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