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khi 1 - This Weekend in Karachi: Stories and Strikes

This Weekend in Karachi: Stories and Strikes

This weekend in Karachi is all for collaboration and activities. There is no dearth of fun ways to occupy you and your friends. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices, let us guide you through this with our top five picks:

surgical strike

Surgical Strike

Miss P. Chatni has been feeling the heat of the war. She needs to unload, unpack, and unwind. And who better to be her muse than the desperate, depraved, and downright horny folks of Karachi? Come one, come all. Opening the night is Miss P. Chatni with a musical number, followed by a comedy routine and the night closes with a dance routine.

P.S. Get your tickets ASAP before they run out.



This event is for all the creative bugs trapped in a rut. If you’ve found yourself lacking motivation lately, break through the creative block by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. The suns out, the temperature’s pleasant, head on over to Euphoria Park and get creating this weekend. Bring your sketchbooks, pencils, pens, devices- whatever floats your boat.

P.S. The event is open to all


Black Lettering

This class will give the participants an introduction to lettering with traditional bamboo qalams‭. Nori Elhami is Dubai based Calligraphy Artist who works on murals and lettering tattoos. As a mentor, she works with Arab cultural club where she offers calligraphy classes for people to practice calligraphy in a fun‭ and ‬easy way.

P.S. Materials will be provided to participants.

plantation drivee

Plantation Drive 2019

Tree plantation has really picked up in Pakistan over the past year or so, and this weekend in Karachi, Ibex is collaborating with WWF Pakistan. The initiative aims to plant 1.4 Million Trees/Sapling/Plants by 14th August 2019 under the umbrella of RangDo Pakistan. The aim is to not just plants sampling but to also rear them. Full circle.

P.S. Bring your family and friends along

electro nights

Electro Knights

T2F is arranging a face-off between two new DJs, along with a Laser Show designed by Hamza Awan. Get ready for a sound & light experience that will bring out the best of Dance & Deep House music of the city. The winners of the event will get to perform in the EDMs of Karachi powered by Bocatec. Along with the DJs, you get to see dancers, beatboxers and much more with each edition of the Laser Shows.

P.S. Tickets are available at the venue

Now isn’t that just the most delightful lineup you’ve ever seen? Good job Karachi.

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