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This Weekend in Karachi: Skills and Sounds

This weekend in Karachi will provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn, network and create- not just tangible items but also discourse. Here are the C+G top picks for your weekend.

poets and puppets

Rhyming Strings

Experience kath putli tamasha (puppetry) in a new way as Lit Talks, in collaboration with Thespianz, brings Pakistani Travelogues to life through string puppets. It will be followed by a session on this amazing art string puppetry. And that’s not all. There will be an Urdu poetry workshop by Miss Neel Ahmed, convener of youth literary committee.

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cycling marathon

Cycling Marathon

Wheatable Cycling Marathon will be celebrating Health Week on 14th of April 2019. This Marathon caters to all levels of cyclists with different cycling challenges to choose from. The event also features your favorite celebrities and fitness trainers whom you can meet first-hand and get tips and tricks on how to keep fit. A wholesome weekend awaits.

P.S. Breakfast is on the house



The #MeToo movement has amplified women’s voices and catalyzed others to come forward with harrowing stories of abuse, coercion, and harassment in Pakistan. The movement has put increasing pressure on men in power to acknowledge the obstacles women face in society. At the same time, the movement is equally concerned for young men facing possible false allegations as for young women facing sexual assault. The session explores the various roadblocks to justice and how to overcome them.

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One-Day Woodwork

Design and make a simple wood project. Learn first how to construct a geometric pattern, then use chisels to make your own design from wood veneer to take home with you. The instructor is visiting from The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, so you know they ain’t playing.

P.S. DIY fun

gandi baatein

Gandi Baatein

Gandi Baatein is Akbar’s third hour-long dirty comedy special. Come join us for never before heard crass comedy. This show will be the gold standard in raunchy and filthy. Needless to say, this is not for children nor is it for the easily offended. Don’t bring your mom to this one guys.

P.S. Tickets are available now, at the venue. 

Where are you heading this weekend in Karachi?

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