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khi - This Weekend in Karachi: Screenings with Meanings

This Weekend in Karachi: Screenings with Meanings

The weekend in Karachi promises to be an exciting one, with five diverse events catering to your every whim. Here’s what you should be looking forward to.

aaj rung hai

Aaj Rung Hai

For their 2019 fundraiser, Karwan-e-Hayat is hosting an enchanting evening of beloved and timeless qawwalis by the celebrated maestros Fariduddin Ayaz and Abu Muhammed. Karwan-e-Hayat provides psychiatric care and rehabilitation to the mentally ill, and proceeds from the tickets will go towards this noble cause.

P.S. Buy your tickets now and support Karwan-e-Hayat’s work



Rani is a unique story about a transgender Pakistani woman who sets out to take care of an abandoned baby. The Pakistan Premier of this award-winning film is set to take place at the tenth Karachi Literature Festival. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring several notable philanthropists and activists.

P.S. The event is open to all

girls in the ghar

Girls in the Ghar

Celebrate Women’s Day at TDF Ghar. Bring us your story in the form of a song, a poem, a joke, or even rap! Guitar, tabla, piano, spoken word, whatever it is, Girls in the Ghar has a spot for you! The event is a celebration of womanhood, transcending culture and continents.

P.S. No boys allowed!

baloch culture day

Baloch Culture Day

On 2nd March 2019, 9th biggest Baloch Culture Day festival will be at Karachi Port Trust Football Stadium West Wharf Karachi. This mega event is presented by VSH News TV and it is expecting to host 2000 attendees. The festival includes a live musical concert, theater, Balochi do chaapi and much more. The event will start at 4 pm and it is free for all families.

P.S. The event is open to all

date with paint

Date with Paint

In a day and age where human communication is battling with the onslaught of gadgets and social media, here’s an experience you don’t want to miss! Sign-up with a friend, partner, colleague, parent or sibling and paint a canvas. Connect with your favorite person, have a meaningful conversation and a get to create a life-long memory to take home.

P.S. No prior experience required!

Now isn’t that just the most delightful lineup you’ve ever seen? Don’t miss out.

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