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This Weekend in Karachi: Qissa Qawwali

This weekend in Karachi, I’d suggest you stay indoors. No, I don’t want you trapped at home, instead, I’ve found some of the best venues in Karachi for you to take your pick from. Music is the flavour of the week.


Qissa Kahani

Take your little ones to the library this weekend in Karachi for a reading of Lomri aur Memna – a tale about a clever fox and a sweet little lamb that gets lured away from its herd. Qissa Kahani aims to introduce and reacquaint children to Urdu literature.

P.S. Register to attend



This weekend in Karachi, NAPA will be hosting its annual Ramzan Qawwali. The event, Bazm-e-Aqeedat: A Spiritual Journey, will feature Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwal & Brothers. This will be followed by a sehri too!

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Ramzan Qawwali

As part of their Ramzan qavvaali series, this weekend in Karachi T2F will be hosting Taj Muhammad Shad Niazi. The qavaal is a practitioner of Hazrat Amir Khusrau’s kalaam and that of other Sufi poets.

P.S. Tickets will be available at the venue



Another exciting event this weekend in Karachi is Mehfil e Sama with Faisal Iqbal Khan. The singer is classically trained and is on a mission to educate people about eastern classical music and its raags.

P.S. Tickets will be available at the venue


Yeh Watan Humara Hai

T2F will be hosting Asad Umar, Kaiser Bengali and Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, to discuss the signing of the IMF program. Wondering what the “Last Fund Program” implies? Now is your chance to find out the intricacies of the entire matter.

P.S. The event is open to all

Spend the last few days of Ramzan listening to moving melodies. That’s what this weekend in Karachi is all about anyway.

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