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This weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Parallel Lines and Days of Light

This weekend in Karachi has a lot going on from comedy nights to interesting conversational open mics and exhibitions. We’ve got our top five:


Comedy Baithak

There’s nothing quite like friends sharing funny stories over chai. Comedy Baithak is creating a similar space. This storytelling night we will have a lineup of comedians who will share their stories with you and then open the stage for whoever wants to share.


Boys Will Be Boys?

Lincoln Corner Karachi in collaboration with the US Consulate Karachi is aiming to create awareness of gender-based violence through 16 days of Activism. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands Against Rape’.


Parallel Lines, Yasmeen's Revenge & Days of Light and Darkness

Each exhibition takes an existing phenomenon or practice within our world, and reconfigures it to consider a fresh possibility for its existence. Through this process the artists shape old readings into new ones, and speculate on possible alternatives.

P.S. Exhibitions will continue till Saturday Dec 14. 2019


Apni Marzi

Hear the Khawatoon gang’s fun take on #ApniMarziKaPackage! Join us for a fun-filled evening at Interwood’s Bukhari showroom on December 1, 2019. The exclsuive night of comedy is not to be missed.

The Crazee Gentleman

The year is coming to an end so Faraz Ahmed decided to end it with his comedy special because ending it with a marriage was too boring for him and it’d been a while since he shed some light on the crazy experiences of life while trying to be a gentleman in disguise.

So where will this weekend in Karachi lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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