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This Weekend in Karachi: Hop into the New Year

This weekend in Karachi is going to be all about kicking off the brand new year. Since Monday is not an option for most respectable adults, it’s better to make the most of the weekend. We’ve curated a list of places and events you could hit up. Unless you’ve got better ideas, in which case I’d love to hear all about them.

new year eve

Grand New Year Eve 2019

Port Grand will be bringing you a grand family-friendly way to ring in the New Year with their Grand New Year Eve on 31st December. A live concert, delicious food, fireworks at midnight and lots more.

P.S. Tickets are available online.

new years

New Year's Eve

The rooftop at Koyla Chai will be all decked out this New Years Eve to make sure you and your family have a great time. Live music, live barbeque and live fireworks. Sounds pretty legit.

P.S. Family friendly fun.

open mic

Open Mic Night

Calling all musicians, singers, comedians, poets in the city of Karachi. Step right up and hit us with your best shot at the TDF Ghar Open Mic Night. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, don’t be shy.

P.S. Tickets are PKR 200.


Gaze: An Exhibition

This series of work merges Japanwala’s narrative of her exploration into what it means to be a Pakistani woman, with Kamran’s commentary centered around care-less, narcissistic masculinity and the male gaze.

P.S. Think, reflect and question.

community meetup

Community Meetup

This initiative by Communita Pakistan aims to revive the glory of parks. The purpose is to bring together the people of Karachi for a day of good old fashioned chilling and frolicking in local parks.

P.S. Tickets cost Rs. 500. 

Let us know if this list covered all that’s happening this weekend in Karachi. If we missed out on anything, we’d love to hear all about it from you!

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