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feat 1 - This Weekend in Karachi: Loud and Proud

This Weekend in Karachi: Loud and Proud

How’s 2019 treating you, old friend? If you’re still trying to get into the swing of things and looking for a little direction, look no further. This weekend in Karachi ought to keep you plenty satisfied. With this convenient Charcoal + Gravel guide, you can do wrong. Flavor of the week is music, not bad eh?

sur ka safar

Sur ka Safar

Join us at T2F, for our next Sur Ka Safar series; An evening with Ustad Shahid Hamid accompanied by Abdul Ghani on the harmonium and Yousuf Kerai on the tabla on Saturday, 12th January.

P.S. Open to all.

comedy scene

Hot Mic Night

‘Hot Mic’ is a curated (family friendly) comedy night where stand-up comics take the stage. Do come, bring your friends and enjoy the show! The line up includes 7 talented performers.

P.S. The event is family friendly. 


Qavvali Mahfil

For our first Qavvaali Mahfil of 2019 at T2F, We are proud to present Qavvaal Ali Akbar Razi, the youngest son of the legendary musician and scholar Ustad Munshi Raziuddin Qavvaal. It’ll be impressive.

P.S. Open to all. 

golden era


We love Koyla Chai for more reasons than one, but their musical nights are something else entirely. This week is Dedicated to Golden Era Music. Friends, family, or solo, it’ll be fun either way.

P.S. Bring your parents along, they’ll love you for it. 


Karaoke Night

Visit Cafe Purple Haze tomorrow at 9 pm and belt out your favorite tracks. Think you have a terrible voice? It’s all about confidence. Also, you’ll only sound terrible if you sing alone. This is for the crew guys.

P.S. Take your favorite boys and girls with you. 

That’s a complete rundown of everything that’s happening this weekend in Karachi. Hopefully, something has caught your fancy. So plan up.

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