27 Sep, Tuesday
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this weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Journey and Recovery

This weekend in Karachi features big projects, collaborations, and introspections. Don’t sleep on it. Let us push you out the door. We’d be glad to do it, in fact.

this weekend in Karachi


Relax, Unwind, and give your shelf a makeover here at T2F as Lit Lab presents: Sunday Book Bazaar! Get books, coffee, and comfort food all under one roof. Fill up your shelves with books that you choose and love.

P.S. Entry is free, but donate!

this weekend in Karachi


T2F invites you all to participate in “Project Revibe”: an engaging collection drive hosted by RLCC and GarbageCan in hopes of reducing plastic wastage and up-cycling waste into sustainable re-usable items! Ain’t that noble?

P.S. Climate change is real! come fight it.

this weekend in Karachi

Mein Hero

AzCorp’s Mein Hero (I Am a Hero) program uncovers your inner hero– all it takes is a little introspection, imagination, and art. Learn about genres, sketching, scripting, and story-boarding and let your creativity run wild.

this weekend in Karachi

Dirty ka Daddy

After the epic dirty comedy nights and the return of dirty comedy shows, there’s a new format in town: ‘Dirty ka Daddy’ – a completely improvised dirty stand-up comedy night with new material by Shehzad Ghias Shaikh.

P.S. Adults only!

this weekend in Karachi

Sur ka Safar

This weekend in Karachi for the Sur Ka Safar series, T2F is hosting Sannan Mahboob accompanied by Yousuf Kerai on the tabla. Sannan will be presenting the art of classical Rubab playing along with the more popular Afghani folk repertoire.

P.S. The event is open to all

So where will this weekend in Karachi lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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