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This weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Gallery Hopping

This weekend in Karachi is playing out like an homage to contemporary art within the city it seems. There are several exhibitions by artists known and new, and we’ve picked our favorites. Here they are in no particular order: 

The other side

The Other Side

The exhibition revolves around psychological and social ideology. Simplicity, realism and human activities tie it together. The trompe-l’oel technique has been employed to create three-dimensional illusions. The artist Saba Tanveer hopes to encourage dialogue by exploring a unique perspective on the everyday mundane, be it objects or activities. See it to believe it.

P.S. The event is open to all, but don’t forget to donate to T2F

Symphony of the sea

Symphony of the Sea

ArtKaam Gallery’s exclusive exhibition showcases fresh graduates; Ainee, Aliza Karim, Anas Abbas, Ayaz Hussain, Ehsan Usman, Haniya Athar, Ramsha Bin Nesar, Sana Khalil, Sana Mirza, Syeda Fizza Fatima, and Waseem Akram. Also featuring a musical performance of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s “Sur Samoondi”.

P.S. The event is open to all

New, news, newest

New, News, Newest

Ijaz ul Hassan is the recipient of the highest civilian award in the field of art, having exhibited extensively across the globe. This exhibition focuses on pictorial references to social and political issues of our time. In order to vividly enhance the substance of images and forms, they are often simplified; the colors spread out and flattened in a unique manner.

P.S. The show is open till the 1st of May



This exhibition showcases cultural exchange in a way. Art from different countries speaks of the unique experience of life there. Humans ride similar boats but in different oceans, with their own serenity and storms. The participating artists come from Italy, France, Turkey, and The Netherlands.

P.S. Also featuring Pakistani artists.

Art therapy

Art Therapy Workshop

T2F is providing its patrons with a new avenue towards self-awareness; art-therapy. This session, inclusive for everyone, will provide an outlet for attendees to express their feelings be it anger, euphoria, guilt, frustration, sadness, love or any emotions conceivable. Anyone who can make a mark on paper is qualified for the session.

P.S. Register to attend

This weekend in Karachi- watch, create, engage, enjoy.

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