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karachi - This Weekend in Karachi: Book the Halls

This Weekend in Karachi: Book the Halls

This weekend in Karachi is all about big venues and lots of fun. Basant is back with a bang, other than that there’s a swing-dancing workshop, game night and the BCP and two different panel discussions. We’ve curated a fine selection; time to pick your poison.

swing night

Saturday Swing

Swing dancing is a true test of trust and stamina while keeping things light and fun. The basic steps will be taught in the first half of the night while the remainder will involve the group swing dancing with each other. But let’s not hog a partner, dance with each other into merriment, and start the first swing scene in Karachi.

P.S. The first 20 applicants bag a spot

hum kalami

Hum Kalami

Members of Araaish e Khayal is hosting this session in collaboration with PCCC. Participants will read texts by eminent female authors and poets of Urdu literature (including Ismat Chughtai, Amrita Pretam, Safia Akhtar, Parveen Shakir Fahmida Riaz, Azra Abbass, and Tanveer Anjum) to celebrate their struggle for freedom of expression.

P.S. The event is open to all

tt tournament

Game Night

Enjoy playing table tennis? Think you’re any good? Then join in for a knock-out tournament and prove your skills to the world! Or at least to the library. Bring your game face and battle it out to the end to claim a very special prize. Not everyone will be a winner, but everyone will definitely have fun.

P.S. Register to participate



The most electrifying and colorful event in the city, Jashan -E- Baharan is happening this weekend in Karachi. The organizers are revving up the scene fun and recreational activities for the people of Karachi. Musical Concert, Fireworks, Aladin Amusement Park Rides, Flower Show, Pet Show, Circus and much much more.

P.S. Finally, something for the family


Understanding Toxic Masculinity

Aurat Marches held around the country have thrown a large section of our society into panic mode. In a society plagued with gender-based violence, why is it that feminist movements face such a backlash? Are such movements seen as threats to patriarchy and masculine control? Join the discourse.

P.S. The event is open to all

Now you know what to do this weekend in Karachi. Don’t sleep on it.

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