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this weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Altering without Faltering

This weekend in Karachi, not only is it time to accept minorities, it’s time to celebrate them. Both Citizens Archive and AKS Foundation are hosting events to forward the cause. There’s plenty else to do as well- from coding to eating. Read on:

aks festival

AKS Festival

The three-day festival is being held at T2F this weekend in Karachi and will be dedicated to the transgender community. Aks Festival will be working in collaboration with the Sub Rang Society. The lineup includes a panel discussion on the Transgender Rights Movement, screening of feature film Ek Aasha, Screening of AKS mini-films with a panel discussion on the Women Rights Movement and a theatre play by local trans-community actors.

P.S. The event is open to public but management reserves right to entry

adaption alteration

Adaption, Alteration, Variation

“Adaptation, Alteration, Variation” reflects on this continuous shift in the dynamic of the country’s population through the lens of its shrinking minorities; of stories that reminisce a collective past, of memories associated with Pakistan as a shared homeland and of generous contributions made to the country in a true sense of ownership.

P.S. The project is part of Vasl’s ongoing project Loud Speaker

karachi chiragh festival

Karachi Chiragh Festival

What If Productions are hosting Karachi Charagh Festival to bring sub-cultures together through performing arts, film & literature. The three-day event will showcase musicians, filmmakers, dancers, rappers, and panel discussions by known scholars, celebrities and media persons. The one of a kind festival is going to be the highlight of this weekend in Karachi.

P.S. The event is open to all

a scandal

A Scandal in Bohemia

UK-based theatre company Struts and Frets bring an all-female theatre production of the iconic Sherlock Holmes’ story, A Scandal in Bohemia to Karachi. This 90-minute Victorian merry-go-round will be a roller coaster ride of 6 women playing hundreds of characters. The performance will be followed by a two-day workshop for budding actors.

P.S. Register to attend ASAP

snack study code

Snack, Study & Code

Snack, Study and Code” is a weekly two-hour casual meetup featuring notable tech experts who share tech-related information, experience and insights with students, startups, freelancers and beginners. From ideation to scaling, architecture to coding, logical issue solving to bug removing, these seasoned guest speakers will deliver valuable suggestions

This weekend in Karachi is going to be pretty lit. Just follow our lead.

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