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this weekend in Karachi

This Weekend in Karachi: Afsaaneh aur Shaamein

This weekend in Karachi is full of exhibitions, displays, showcases, and musical performances. It’s time to narrow down your picks with us:



Two preoccupied inventors who just can’t get their minds to think clean until they invent the most vile, disgusting, cringeworthy yet hilarious scenarios to give you the best adult stand-up comedy experience of your lives.

P.S. The event is suitable for adults only


Stone Carving Exhibitions

Kamran Hamid and Rashid Amin of ProStones have expressed their thoughts and environmental observations through their skill and art of stone carving. Each piece is meticulously carved by these artists to provoke your thought process and sharpening the critical thinking of the society you live in.

P.S. The event is open to all


Afsanah Hui Shaam

Join us at T2F on Saturday, 2nd November 2019 at 7pm for a dramatic reading of five original short stories by contemporary writers Sameena Nazeer, Jeem Abbasi, Asad Alvi, and Begum Jahan.

P.S. Tickets will be available at the venue


Khuahish Weds Kifayat

This wedding season, stop worrying if your budget and wishes would fight because CLOSET has brought them closer enough to marry each other in harmony while you enjoy all your desi wedding events in peace without going bankrupt.

All The Lives (Never) Lived

Vasl Artists’ Association invites you to All The Lives (Never) Lived featuring Noorafshan Mirza (visual artist, arts educator and co-founder of an artists run platform in conversation with Hira Khan (Project Coordinator at Vasl). Noor Afshan Mirza will discuss her twenty year long collaborative practice and share her recent work The SCAR.

P.S. Slide into their DM’s for passes

So where will this weekend in Karachi lead you? We’d love to tag along too!

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