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The Valley: Robin Egg Blues and Precious Views

The Valley is arguably one of the prettiest restaurants in Karachi. Unlike most fancy restaurants, it isn’t located on a busy commercial street. Rather, it is discreetly situated in a somewhat residential zone.

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The Valley Vibe

The blue interiors of the restaurant and the plush furniture creates a wholesome vibe. There is a cozy indoor sitting area as well as a beautiful garden area outside. Both are worthy options depending on your mood. The Valley has private rooms which are perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

The Valley allows patrons to request music. This is a rare service that most establishments do not offer. The waiters are very polite and the service is surprisingly efficient. The menu at The Valley is pretty straightforward and the prices are affordable, considering the quality of the food on offer.

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First Time

I visited The Valley with a friend recently and we enjoyed a wholesome meal without a dent in our wallets. I ordered their sesame fried chicken and a mint lemonade while my friend played it safe with Parmesan pasta and a can of soda. Within 10 minutes our food was brought forth.

The sesame fried chicken was served with barbecue sauce and a garlic mayo dip. The chicken was succulent with a crisp panko exterior. Crunchy and golden brown. The french fries alongside it were thankfully not from a box. The serving was enough to feed two people and I had a very satisfying meal.

The Parmesan pasta was also a great idea as the cheese and the pasta was paired together in a very delicious way, served with black olives, capsicum, and mushrooms. The serving of the pasta, however, could have been more than what it was and they would then get extra points for consistency.

The mint lemonade was probably the most disappointing item for the day, it was too sweet and had more ice and a lot less mint and lemon.

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Room For Improvement

If The Valley could focus a tad bit more on their drinks and serving sizes you can very rightfully claim it to be one of the most amazing food places for a fancy dinner out in Karachi.

To me, the most remarkable part about the place was the ambiance and the aesthetic. The Valley got almost all the points for that so if you want to plan a surprise or set up a date do not forget to check out The Valley.