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the square - The Square at Bahria Town: Has it All, Have it All

The Square at Bahria Town: Has it All, Have it All

The creative bone in my body often makes me see the absurd in the mundane. For example, the bright red and grey building of ‘The Square, with conspicuous rings designed on the upper façade, reminds me of the porthole of the ships. The name might make you think it’s a square-shaped zone but this isn’t the case. The name comes from a metallic square positioned in the center of the place. The Square serves as a recreational hub for the residents of Bahria Town and is home to a number of entertainment spots standing contiguously to each other.





Cine Gold


Cine Gold is my go-to whenever I learn about potential Oscar contenders playing on cinema screens. Moving along the arcade, pausing at the popcorn corner and sinking into the leather recliner. Ah, that’s life. The clear audio and visual quality make every screening a memorable experience. This gold class cinema, with a 3D system and comfortable seating, transforms an ordinary movie into a joyride.



Snooker Club


For snooker aficionados, this club makes a perfect destination. Every once in a while, as I walk past the glass wall of the club, I covertly peek inside the club. The intense faces of the players leaning as they assess their cues are interesting, to say the least. The snooker club at The Square also houses a small café. Players can treat themselves with fresh juices and light snacks, amidst the mounting tension over the table.



Depilex Beauty Salon


My bi-monthly visit to the salon at The Square is a necessary luxury. This affinity of mine isn’t idiosyncratic for all those who love coddling their bodies and skins. The Depilex salon offers a wide range of high-end treatments and lavish skin care services. The professional demeanor and expertise of the staff keep me coming back. However, I do resent the lack of options, maybe some day…





The Food Court


The food court thrives as a perfect dive-in facility at the place. It is always thronged with the exhausted fitness junkies from the gymnasium, the dazzling ladies from the salon, or the starving movie lovers leaving the cinema. It offers a host of affordable fast-food legends, like KFC, OPTP, and Subway. If you want something a little different, they also have Red Chili and Ice Pan.



Pizza Hut


You might be unable to make it to the food court if you’re a pizza fan. From the tempting deals to the unlimited flavors of pizzas, the small franchise of Pizza Hut on The Square premises is a worthy option.  



Life Fitness Gymnasium


The stairs next to the food court lead you straight to the Life Fitness Gymnasium. It has high-end equipment, professional trainers, and the perfect setting for you to work on carving out that summer body.


With all this on offer, I suggest anyone in close proximity should definitely check out The Square.