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The Shack DHA NY Classic Cheeseburger

The Shack DHA: The Taco That Never Saved Me

Supersizing my food is all in a day’s work. Burger binges? No problemo. So after mostly positive feedback on the spontaneous Quadra Reloaded Burger, I decided to test my luck with The Shack last Saturday. Big mistake. Here’s why I won’t be ordering from The Shack /ever again.

I ordered the NY Classic Cheeseburger at The Shack after stalking their Facebook page. It looked legit; no scrawny patties, an appropriately-sized bun, and generous amounts of cheese. I also ordered Chicken Tempura Loaded Fries, and a Beef Steak Taco just for shits and giggles. A guy on the phone told me that the taco wasn’t available and that he could substitute it for Beef Steak Loaded Fries. I was starving, and any kind of food sounded good. I agreed happily. No such thing as too many fries, correct? Correct.

This was the first red flag.


The Shack DHA: First Impressions



The Shack DHA NY Classic Cheeseburger

Slick packaging bruh



The order arrived and the packaging was cool AF. I took pictures. The packages were heavy. My stomach was growling.

The fries were crinkle-cut, served in nice little Styrofoam containers that held the sauces and toppings for both fries very well. The Chicken Tempura Fries had lettuce and a sweet and sour sauce on them. Although they were a bit sweet for my liking, I liked the chicken and the sauce did not make me cringe. I had maybe half of the serving before even opening the burger; I’ll definitely take that as a positive. The Beef Steak Fries were great. Not only was there sour cream and cheddar, along with cheese, there was also well seasoned, thinly sliced beef tenderloin in pockets. As someone who is fond of all things loaded, I would definitely order these again.

Here’s the problem: I don’t really order ONLY fries, like ever.


The Shack DHA: A Modded NY Classic Burger



The Shack DHA NY Classic Cheeseburger

That’s a lot of meat for no treat…



Now I feel obligated to say that a mean beef patty makes me melt like cheddar. And the way I modded the NY Classic Cheeseburger at The Shack had me salivating like no one’s business. Double up on beef, double up on cheese. Not bad. Shoulda been, coulda been legit. But here’s the thing: after waiting for forty minutes for my order, I expected a sick burger. The only thing sick after this was me.

Chewy and salty, the burger patty reminded me of a mixture of the desi GoGo style burgers and the cheeseburgers you can order for room service in US hotels. No particular frills, no particular gimmicks. Usually, there is no need for such frills and gimmicks when the patty does the talking. With a simple cheeseburger, there’s no hiding. And the minute I tasted bone in the mince, I knew I couldn’t go on pretending like I had ordered something that I liked.

Bland, uncharred, and even slightly smelly, I did not finish my burger despite how insanely hungry I was.

The sad part is that I liked the beef in the fries. I am also almost certain that a similar cut would have been used for the steak tacos, and I would have liked them. My opinion of the burger would have been the same, but at least the taco would have saved me. And my stomach. And this review.




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