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otus 14 - The Otus Rooftop: Bloggers Meet 2018

The Otus Rooftop: Bloggers Meet 2018

The Otus Rooftop has always been one of my favorite restaurants in Lahore. When my editor sent me an invitation to a blogger’s meet at this incredible rooftop venue, I couldn’t help but rejoice. It was a Sunday night affair and as I readied myself for the evening thoughts of their cheesy platters dominated my mind.




The Otus Rooftop Meet Up


When I arrived, the glorious set-up that was sprawled out in front of me was beyond what I had imagined.  Trust the team behind The Otus Rooftop to excel your expectations and deliver an evening that is utterly delightful. They have cordoned off part of their rooftop for the blogger’s meet-up, the decor was whimsical and fantasy-like.

We sat underneath a lovely canopy of fairy lights and floral displays, hand-woven baskets served as makeshift lamps. The set-up created a warm and cozy radiance against the chilly winter night. As I took a seat, I found myself torn between enjoying the glowing canopy and clicking pictures of the remarkable décor.



otus 4 1024x768 - The Otus Rooftop: Bloggers Meet 2018




The event was organized by Mahnoor Syed and Faryal Raza and they did a marvelous job. Apart from the décor, these two ladies had managed to curate a fabulous guest-list for the evening. I ran into several of my friends within the blogging circuit and I also made the acquaintance of some incredibly interesting strangers. My company was just as jubilant as the décor that surrounded our table.



The Man Who Runs the Show


Mr. Ali Hussain, the founder and driving force behind The Otus Rooftop, kept dropping by to help us out with the menu and choosing our main courses. Mr. Hussain is by far the most dedicated restaurateur I have come across in Lahore. Every single time I have visited The Otus Rooftop, he has always been present. Always attentive to every customer, and going out of his way to make sure that everyone has a great experience.

One of my favorite things about the food at The Otus Rooftop is the fact that customers are always served quality meat with fresh ingredients. When I asked Mr. Hussain how manages this he said;

“I always take care to pick out fresh meats and ingredients myself. It is a task that I don’t delegate to anyone else because I know that my own children will be eating from the same place where I serve my guests. I serve my guests exactly the same food that I give to my own children.”



Dinner is Served


As we immersed ourselves in chattering, the appetizers began to arrive one by one. I am not a fan of seafood so I passed on the batter-fried prawns and went straight for the Rajsthani thaali. It was a glorious burst of ethnic flavors that I devoured to my heart’s content. The seekh kababs were wonderfully juicy, while the barbecue chicken was well done.




I had placed my order for the main course according to the specialties that Mr. Hussain had pointed out. I chose their Baked Chicken Florentine while a friend sitting next to me was advised to order the Shih-Hai Chicken. When the dishes arrived the presentation and aroma brought tears of joy to my eyes. The Baked Chicken Florentine turned out to be a gastronomic sea of cheese and creamy spinach. It was a hearty meal, super-filling and scrumptious. I couldn’t help but steal a few bites from my friend’s plate, and I am glad I did. The Shih-Hai Chicken at The Otus Rooftop is a timeless Asian classic. It was cooked to perfection and served with a variety of mushrooms, which is always a rarity in Lahore.



otus 2 768x1024 - The Otus Rooftop: Bloggers Meet 2018



As we were wiping off the remnants of our main course, dessert suddenly arrived. I was stuffed with the richness of my Chicken Florentine and could not imagine another bite of anything. However, greediness got the better of me and I started devouring the cake. Served with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream, their dreamy Molten Lava cake is an intense guilty pleasure to end your night with.



The Verdict


The blogger’s meet at The Otus Rooftop turned out to be my best experience at this rooftop restaurant, even though I am a bit of a regular and have devoured everything on their menu. I adored their attention to every single detail and the great lengths the team went to make sure we had a great time. As if I needed another reason to visit.