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Edited 9 2 - The Happieee Place: An Inclusive Space

The Happieee Place: An Inclusive Space

The Happieee Place emerged in the mid of 2017 as space where creative souls could find an outlet to express themselves. Believe it or not, places such as this are a rarity in Lahore, despite the city’s claim of being a cultural hub. Situated in Gulberg, the matter-of-fact name does not do this innovative shape-shifting haven complete justice. Where it hosts some of the best artists in the city on one day, it holds a children’s movie party the next. The key is harmony and creating an inclusive space for like-minded people.




Just as Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell requires an acknowledgment of her existence to survive, THP requires conversation – without this, the place can’t stand on its own.




Much like art, the Happieee Place requires movement – a bit of hustle and bustle – to make it relevant. The city is filled with cafes and places which can stand alone, but THP requires frequent visits from you that will keep this place purposeful and alive.


THP is designed around the idea of creating a space for people to interact with each other, understand various aspects of life and experiences: All discourses are strictly apolitical. There are weekly movie nights for both adults and kids, and while most of us can download, browse online and/or watch a DVD on our impressive HD surround sound systems at home, there is something noble in sharing the moment with people simply looking to connect.


You no longer have to go through the laborious process of arranging play-dates, just bring your kids here and let them interact on their own! The place arranges regular sessions for writing, crafts, theater, and even more themes are in the pipeline. The perfect arrangement in all of these is that all events are kid friendly, so you no longer have to worry about who’ll be looking after your toddlers, you can bring them along.



The Happieee Place


What I admire most about this place is how well it is crafted. It isn’t just another talk shop where people would gather and discuss the ‘same old, same old’. All discourses here are of a creative nature, you can come here and interact with people on what keeps each of you going. It is a place where the children and adults alike can learn by way of their interactions with other like-minded individuals.


I am deeply inspired by the theory behind this place – the idea of bringing people together to appreciate and understand the essentials of life-conversations and learning.


The Happieee Place, Gulberg, +92322 4441321





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