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the grid club

The Grid Club: Art, Music & Collaboration

The Grid Club is a community center, art gallery, café, and the ultimate hang-out spot, in Bukhari Commercial, Defence Phase 6. When you first enter the space it seems a bit dull and murky, but as soon as the eyes settle to the dim lighting the aesthetic becomes apparent, it gives off a very homely warmth. I first went there accompanied by a friend; we were looking for a place to work and relax.




The Grid Club Vibe


Upon entering The Grid Club the first thing we noticed was the sheer size of the open-floor layout. On the right end of this spacious area was a shelf full of different types of books, beneath this is a sitting area with floor cushions, blankets, and carpets. This made for a rather cozy reading nook. A small entrance covered with beaded curtains and painted glass lends a sort of a gypsy-caravan vibe to that area. There’s a pool table in the center of the room, a few jute stools and tables, a raised platform to provide some sort of a stage and the restroom. The walls are painted with graffiti, the aesthetic at The Grid Club caters to a young demographic.






The menu and the Grid Club is pretty decent, they offer kinds of pasta, sandwiches, burgers, bun kebabs etc. The food is affordable and tastes adequate. Wouldn’t recommend The Grid as a dining out option, but I would definitely recommend it for its wholesome environment. Above everything else, they have two extremely adorable Persian kittens within the premises.




the grid club



Home away from Home


On any given day, there are people working on their laptops, typing away furiously, others lazing around watching movies. There are people who are reading books, enjoying the peace and quiet.  Several musicians come to The Grid Club to jam. The outdoor smoking area which is filled with pop-culture references, tiny flower pots, and delicate wind chimes and dream-catchers. The aesthetic is pretty instagramable overall.

There is a dearth of inclusive, community-building places like The Grid Club in Karachi. In the midst of a metropolis, the busy schedules, and the constant havoc, it is always refreshing to spend some time at a spot which provides you with the appropriate peace necessary for an artistic stimulus. You do you and you do it in peace.