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the delicatessen

The Delicatessen: Power Moves in Phase 5

Once upon a dark and terrible time, Jalal Sons was the only purveyor of food within the Phase 5 commercial area. Recently, however, several restaurants, coffee houses and diners have popped up here. You can now find everything, from Veranda Bistro to Dogar Restaurant, a mere stone’s throw away from each other. Phase 5 is the new ‘it spot’ for anyone looking for dining option within DHA . A personal favorite has been The Delicatessen by Cosa Nostra, which lies adjacent to the Phase 5 Park.






To be honest, I’m not the kind of person who’ll go to a restaurant just because they have rotisserie chicken. That’s just not who I am. Therefore, while I do frequent The Delicatessen quite often, I tend to stick to my regular order of The South Western Pizza and a serving of Shepherd’s Pie. So imagine my complete and boundless joy when I heard that The Delicatessen will now be serving the full Cosa Nostra menu.



the delicatessen



Take a minute and let the news sink in. If you live in the DHA Phase 5-8 vicinity, your life just got a whole lot better. Did you feel the world shift from its axis beneath your own two feet? Good. In the mood for crepes? They’ll give you crepes. You jonesing for a BLT?  You got yourself a BLT. Want a nicoise salad? Get the hell out of my face.


The decision to expand their menu is a timely one for The Delicatessen. With new options populating the small yet accessible commercial market, there’s no dearth of competition within the area. You now have The Delicatessen bringing its A-game, and nothing says A-game like mozz sticks on the menu.


The new menu is being officially introduced this weekend, which means, starting 24th August you’ll be able to effectively pig out on your favorite Cosa Nostra menu items. I’ve already made a reservation (table for one) and I’d suggest that you do the same. The scene in Phase 5 is definitely on the up and up.