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The Brasserie

The Brasserie: Small, Intimate, Charming

My friends and I were planning a farewell dinner for another friend who was leaving. We wanted to go for a place that had a quirky personality just like him. So we decided on The Brasserie, located on the first floor of Mall 1. The internet told us that it was a little French restaurant, that offered a peaceful atmosphere and delicious food.


In a Nutshell:

  • Cozy interior, stellar ambiance
  • Their dessert bar is a must visit
  • Good, basic food
Pro Tips:
  • On a budget? No problem
  • Don’t skip dessert
  • Family friendly



On the actual day that we paid the restaurant a visit, my friend May and I got there before the boys. So much for the girls-are-always-late stereotype. We decided to roam around the place, taking in the cozy interior. The first thing that caught my eye was the impeccable color palette maintained through the design: hues of brown, copper and black soothed the eyes and warmed the heart.

There was an indoor sitting area as well as a patio for those opting to enjoy their food outdoors. We were the latter sort, hence we picked a table for four outside to dive into our complimentary blueberry smoothie shots. They were absolutely delicious; tiny shot glasses filled to the brim with chilled froth, light purple in color from the blueberry and milk combination. It was tangy and sweet, the perfect kick to start off a great meal.





Still waiting on the boys, May and I decided to explore the dessert bar. So here’s the thing: The Brasserie desserts variety would impress anyone with a sweet tooth. The Blueberry and Mars Cheesecake looked so fine, that we decided to order one of these. While we were weighing our choice, though, the divas finally entered the restaurant. So, we scratched dessert off for later and settled back down to order our main courses.

The mood was definitely quirky and adventurous for the evening. We decided to order dishes that we had never tried before, and we ordered dishes for the person sitting on our right. Live dangerously, children.

So, I ended up with a Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (Rs. 550) and other orders on the table included Three Cheese Chicken with Spaghetti (Rs. 695), Stuffed Chicken with Fettuccine in Butter Mushroom sauce (Rs. 750), and Dijon Chicken with Herb Rice and Vegetables (Rs. 695)

My Fettuccine Alfredo was amazing. It was creamy, as it should be, and was served hot. The three Cheese Chicken was described as “a gooey array of deliciousness” which is the only way the word ‘gooey’ could ever sound appetizing. The vegetables and mushroom sauce perfectly complemented the richness of all that cheese.





The Stuffed Chicken with Fettuccine in Butter Mushroom Sauce beat all odds. Despite the title, it did not include a gross amount of dairy and fat, as the name suggested. It totally passed the taste test.

Although we experimented with the food, we were not going to do that with our drinks. There was a two-by-two ratio for Fresh Limes and Mint Margaritas. Let’s be real, you can’t really go wrong with a Fresh Lime, right? And the Margarita held its own as well; tart and sweet without being too overwhelming.

The food was tasty albeit not as quirky as we would have imagined.  The service was great, and the staff courteous and friendly. However, the star of the evening was the ambiance.



Compared to the other food options in Mall 1, The Brasserie definitely offers a dine-in experience excellent for the mild wintry evenings of Lahore. Dinner on its patio is highly recommended for those seeking good food and a pleasing view.


The Brasserie, Gulberg, (92)42 35790051




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