10 Dec, Saturday
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Swensens: Kooky Flavors and Bold Floats

Is dessert your favorite meal of the day? Are you constantly on the hunt for your next favorite dessert joint? If so, Swensens is the place for you. The international chain of dessert bars recently set up shop in Badar Commercial, Phase 5 Defence Housing Authority. It’s hard to miss, enticing shades of crimson on the main board welcome you. The interior is equally inviting, with stained glass and vivid colors incorporated in the architecture. The staff is more than willing to talk customers through the menu. Upon cracking upon the menu card you’ll come across pictures of the items on offer. This is a great marketing gimmick because every single item on the menu card looks incredibly appetizing and you’ll want to over-order.





Swensens: Our Order


That’s exactly what happened when I visited Swensens with a friend. We ordered bubble gum ice cream, a chocolate brownie, a chocolate shake float, a treasure island float, a chocolate super sundae, and finally an oreo brownie sundae. Everything we tried ended up being mind-blowing but the star of the show, at least for me, was the oreo brownie sundae. Oreo biscuits, chocolate dipped wafer, a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of chocolate, pieces of brownie, bananas, and nuts; all placed inside a base of the light and crispy wafer. I found my dream dessert.





The chocolate super sundae was a lot simpler but just as delicious and lived up to the expectations. The hot fudge sauce on top was out of this world. The bubble gum ice cream had a unique flavor, with small and crunchy bits of gum for texture. The chocolate brownie was a bit chewy, I prefer my brownies cakey. However, it tasted good and the nuts made it even better. The chocolate shake, unlike most locally made chocolate milkshakes, was not runny at all. It had a luscious and creamy texture and the scoop of vanilla on top was a great treat. My friend ordered a treasure island float which turned out to be a glass of coke with vanilla ice cream inside. A revelation. It tasted surprisingly good despite sounding bizarre in theory.


Swensens is now my dessert go to, for all the right reasons.