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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is located opposite Khaadi on MM Alam Road. It was launched only a few years ago and due to its obvious success, it has now expanded as far as Mushkpuri and Hunza. Umer Hussain is the Willy Wonka behind this whimsical Chocolate Factory, and we have to admit that he has done an exceptional job with the place.

In a nutshell:
  • Multiple locations across Pakistan
  • A whimsical dessert experience
  • A one of a kind experience
Pro Tips:
  • Don’t shy away from crazy desserts
  • Their shakes are amazing
  • Family friendly

Sweet Tooth stands out because of its interiors and exteriors from all the other restaurants that are on the block. A Vespa right outside the entrance gives the restaurant a cool 50’s vibe. The many creatively crafted corners, each with a theme of its own, may seem like a bit of a sensory overload, but one that is welcome by all those within the space.

Upon entering, there is a small Victorian-style sitting area towards the right. It is decorated with huge chairs and sofas. There is also another small seating area with sofas covered in newspaper print design, behind which is creatively designed Marilyn Monroe wall art made out sticky notes! If that is not artsy enough for you, then they even have motorcycle seats that you can actually sit on. Another cool detail about the decor is the tissue boxes that have hilarious quotes printed on them. This place really is a wonderland in every sense of the word.

Sweet Tooth offers a variety of desserts. The most talked about these are their Chocolate Gol Gappas – a Western twist on the street food classic. One serving contains six round puffs and costs PKR 750. Be warned though, if you’re going for this dessert, that you might need to pull up your Captain Sugar-Pants because these little hollow chocolate balls are sweet. They are served with thick cream inside and a variety of add-ons to choose from but chocolate, nuts, brownies and ice cream are my personal favorites. If you ever happen to swing by Sweet Tooth, this is the first thing you should order. It is a major must-have.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Sweet Tooth is where you should go to have a cheat meal if you’re on a budget, but the prices aren’t all that high either. A single person can easily enjoy these sweet sinful desserts under Rs. 500-600. They also serve some delicious mouthwatering shakes and drinks. These too are very decadent and come with a lot of other treats like waffle cones, candies, and cookies. Every now and then, the restaurant also hosts gigs to promote new talent which I think is an amazing use of their platform.

I am a regular customer at Sweet Tooth and absolutely adore the place. From the food and service to the aura and vicinity, everything about Sweet Tooth is brilliant. I am partial to their Chocolate Fudge Sizzler that is a brownie served in boiling-hot chocolate syrup with ice cream. The soft and chewy texture of the brownie compliments the hot syrup really well. When I take the first bite of the brownie, that right there is my state of nirvana.

If you are ever in Lahore, it is definitely a place I would encourage you to try and experience for yourself.


Sweet Tooth, DHA, +92321 4466943

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