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Surviving Valentine’s Day: Our Top Five Picks

Valentine’s Day tends to bring out the worst in women. While we’re all committed to the low-maintenance-independent-woman thing, would it really kill him to put in a little extra effort?

It’s very easy to win at Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner IF you’ve already covered the basics with flowers. Lahore has more than a few options for a cozy little dinner for two. I’ve gone ahead and done you boys a solid.  Here are my top five picks for your date.

Peeru's Cafe

Okay so this one will be a bit of a drive for most people, but if you think about it, a long drive on Ring Road isn’t all that terrible. And the destination is worth it. Every nook and cranny of Peeru’s Cafe is brimming with art and their live BBQ is one of the best in the city. The cherry on top is that Thursdays are Sufi Night at Peeru’s Cafe, so there will be live music.


Cosa Nostra

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Cosa Nostra has consistently been a top contender within the fine dining landscape of Lahore. This is not without reason because their entire menu is simple yet delicious. That being said, if you’re really hell-bent on making it rain this Valentine’s Day, book yourself a corner table in their fine dining section. The food’s so good you’ll happily pay up.


Scafe Bistro And Fine Foods

If you want to over deliver (seven-course meal!) and if your girl’s adventurous, book a table for two at Scafe for Valentines Day. They’ve crafted a special Valentine’s Lunch and Dinner menu and you can check it out online if you’d like to get familiar with your meal before you eat it. With a team of international chefs running the show, expect a sensory experience like no other.


Gaia Japanese Fusion

Gaia has a lot going for it, with its modern minimalist interior and sleek bar. The basement is where it’s really at though. Intimate without being stuffy, you get a fair share of privacy but the servers will always be within earshot. Gaia does a great job with their menu and service. Also, Pink Pistachio will be handling desserts, so you’ll definitely have a great meal from start to end.


Cafe Aylanto

The key to having a great time at Aylanto is getting nice seats. As long as you know someone who knows someone who has the maître d’ on speed dial, you should be golden. If you’re willing to splurge a little then the food and the ambiance are pretty much unmatched. Just make sure to duck every so often, lest you want to be caught out on a date by a friendly neighborhood aunty.


Guys, if you’re reading this please take note. Girls, go ahead and tag your guy.

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