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DSC 4511 - The Super Burgers of Pakistan Chowk

The Super Burgers of Pakistan Chowk

Over the last few months, the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre has made its name in promoting activism, cultural activities, and communal gatherings that connect and unite people. It just so happens that right next to the community center one can find one of the best food streets in Karachi. I find myself heading there far too often for the special Pakistan Chowk Bun Kebab.



There is quite a variety of foods and drinks available in this street, such as street style fries, chathkharay, limka, and so on. There is also this large restaurant with a collection of desi foods, this is where the famous bun kebab is found. These bun kebabs are quite unlike anything I’ve had elsewhere. The bun kebabs aren’t preassembled, they serve chutney, onions, the kebab-tikki, and bun. You can eat it any way you like it. Whether you want your bun kebab as a burger or scoop bites of tikki into chunks of the bun is up to you.

Regardless of the method of choice, the taste never fails to amaze me. The chutney has just the right amount of spice, while the bun is soft and oily. The kebab tikki has a bit of heat which suits my Karachi taste buds just fine. The combination of these humble ingredients results in a firework of flavors. The same goes for other food items and stalls in the vicinity, all at an insanely cheap price. My friend and I had Bun Kebabs and cold drinks at the restaurant and it cost us a total of 300 rupees.


DSC 4502 1024x683 - The Super Burgers of Pakistan Chowk


Upon entering we were directed towards the family area upstairs by the waiters immediately. The narrow stairway led up to an open and relatively quiet space. The low ceilings might have triggered my claustrophobia if not for one of the ‘walls’ being a bare metal rod structure. Sitting on a table next to it, I was able to observe the traffic outside. There isn’t much to say about the service except that the tables were neatly arranged and the waiters stood near the staircase in constant diligence.

For anyone visiting the Pakistan Chowk Community Center, it is impossible to resist the captivating smells of Karachis best street foods. The Bun Kebabs will keep you coming back, day after day.